Truckers Backed by Science – Dr. Roger Hodkinson, MD, & Dr. Paul Alexander, PhD

Freedom Convoy 2022 has not only become a worldwide phenomenon aimed at ending all Covid and vaccine mandates, it is backed by the science and data.

Dr. Roger Hodkinson, MD, Pathologists, and Dr. Paul Alexander, PhD, Academic Scientist, explain.

4 thoughts on “Truckers Backed by Science – Dr. Roger Hodkinson, MD, & Dr. Paul Alexander, PhD”

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  2. My bet is that not one government of Canada health representative shows up.
    Furthermore,not one Government of Canada representative in any capacity will show up or even respond.
    Turdo and Freeman are WEF representatives and do not speak or represent Canada or Canadians.
    We all know what that means so get out there and expose this psy op to all you speak to and know.
    Dr. Alexander just spoke to an Ottawa City councillor on Laura Lynne TT’s media feeds.
    Now the Ottawa council knows these injections are a fraud and kill/maim the injected.

    1. Rick Chiarelli is “the black sheep” among city councilors. The rest of the council have publicly smeared him with what I now consider to be false allegations of sexual misconduct.

      Now I know why. His “politics” doesn’t align well with the other councilors’ statist ideology. I didn’t know his ideology before the other despots in council painted a target on his back. Well I do now, and I will defend him to the core.

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