Remembering the Convoy: 2 Peaceful Freedom Convoy Truckers Beaten By Police

As the Emergencies Act Inquiry continues, two truckers, Csaba and Ben, who peacefully participated in the Ottawa Freedom Convoy reveal what really happened in Ottawa.

Csaba Vizi, who peacefully gave himself up for arrest, went down on his knees with his hands behind his back, only to be brutally kneed by police. FULL INTERVIEW HERE

Ben, owner of the crane truck that became the stage for the globally broadcast Freedom Convoy, stepped out of his truck at the requests of encroaching police officers. He was then cornered, beaten and pepper sprayed. FULL INTERVIEW HERE

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1 thought on “Remembering the Convoy: 2 Peaceful Freedom Convoy Truckers Beaten By Police”

  1. Trudeau and his incompetent government, especially Marco Mendicino should be charged for treason or at least a major disturbance or mischief to the least created along with Flip Flop Ford, John Tory and any other person that went along with their brain-dead narrative, if I did a smidge of what they caused I’d be in jail. You existing politicians described above should not hold any office or allow any future decision, your despicable and not only resign but put your shameful heads in the sand, children are more honest and maybe you should note you’re not even grown up and should be classed as that

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