BREAKING: NY Supreme Court Reinstates Unvaccinated Workers with Backpay

In a landmark victory for the unvaccinated, the New York State Supreme Court reinstated unvaccinated workers who were fired over the unconstitutional mandates and, as importantly, with backpay to support the unethically villainized pro-choice workers, many of whom have suffered financially and emotionally. “Being vaccinated does not prevent an individual from contracting or transmitting Covid-19,” said notes, while also admitting that workers’ rights were violated.


LINK for the judgment

As mountains of data continue to mount, disproving the “safe and effective” mantra/marketing slogan, more good news came earlier this week with Alberta Premier Danielle Smith apologizing to the unvaccinated, saying they would be able to return to work and dropping any lockdown charge offences.

5 thoughts on “BREAKING: NY Supreme Court Reinstates Unvaccinated Workers with Backpay”

  1. This is good news without a doubt. Unfortunately for many of us in Canada and other countries this is not happening. The psychological, emotional and financial damage is huge. Deaths, isolation, divisiveness and a govt that is responsible for all of it yet keeps pushing mRNA gene therapy on younger and younger people. I’m could write so much more but what’s the point.

  2. Hopefully this is the first of what should be a multitude of orders reinstating and paying millions of workers around the world.

    Justin Trudeau … take note. The fan will soon be covered.

    1. I’m all for back pay, but ultimately it comes from tax payers, NOT the evil doers who instated the mandates.

  3. nimam besed,samo zadavila bi jih lahko,nisem pristaš tega in tud nikoli ne bom,žalostno je pa poslušati različne zgodbe,različnih pacientov….o različnih težavah po cepljenju ,molku tistih v belem….in nepriznavanju ,da to vse povzroča,strup….

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