“Rare Disease” Monkeypox Declared Global Emergency…Vaccine Approved 2019

We are now in the throes of another ramped-up fearmongering campaign for an FDA-dubbed “rare disease,” monkeypox. Incredibly, the FDA had the foresight to approve a monkeypox vaccine back in 2019.


Despite monkeypox being “a rare disease,” the WHO’s “Dr.” Tedros Ghebreyesus overruled the WHO’s panel decision, voting 9-6 against declaring monkeypox a public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC), and unilaterally declared the global outbreak July 23. The reality is that we are now looking at another well-funded and -coordinated global vaccine campaign built on misinformation, no science and, of course, fear.

In our interview with Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche back on May 24, 2022, in Bath, England, the vaccinologist told us that its global emergence, even back in May, was a mysterious one, likely caused by immune suppression of Covid vaccines. FULL INTERVIEW HERE

With the patents and a vaccine at hand, the fearmongering campaign is now if full swing.

What are your thoughts?

3 thoughts on ““Rare Disease” Monkeypox Declared Global Emergency…Vaccine Approved 2019”

  1. It is very clear now that the covid vaccine has caused many deaths and injuries so I have no pity on anyone who chooses to take this new vaccine or any future ones..

  2. Surely they jest! Monkeypox? Research tells us it is a male homosexual condition.
    Fortunately that lets me off the hook.
    Hopefully the population has learned from the last failed effort to scare the bejesus out of us. It won’t work again guys!

  3. The only monkeypox is the one’s that either created it or lying about it like the PCR testing. I seen a tic toc on testing monkeypox (1) get a banana (2) stick the banana up your but and if you make a monkey sound like ooo aaaa like a monkey , then you have monkeypox, but don’t eat the banana after you try this( do your research before you try) this is for the ones that haven’t woke up yet and probably never will

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