Must-See Analysis of Canadian “Vaccinated” vs Unvaccinated Data by Dr. Mark Trozzi

In this must-see 9-minute video analysis, the inimitable Dr. Mark Trozzi breaks down the data of the “vaccinated” vs unvaccinated for Canada and Ontario with concerning findings.

Dr. Trozzi continues to be a leader in the fight for science, medical autonomy and constitutional freedoms. For more of his content, use this link.

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3 thoughts on “Must-See Analysis of Canadian “Vaccinated” vs Unvaccinated Data by Dr. Mark Trozzi”

  1. I am curious about the date ranges used in these graphs Dr Trozzi is using. They are not consistent and seem almost randomly selected. Are these specific time frames that illustrate the point he’s making? If he used data from the week previous, for instance, would the graphs tell a different story? Is he cherry picking data? Why not examine longer time frames? The movement for medical freedom has to be honestly represented or it will not be taken seriously.

  2. I cannot get in to a long term care home to see a family member and yet it is the vaccinated that have compromised immune systems from being injected.
    I am the one that is at risk and yet I am being punished by these morons that dictate nonsensical health measures.
    My provincial govt still punishes unvaxxed govt workers.
    Trudeau and his idiotic policies are unethical and immoral.
    How long do we tolerate this bullshit from these traitorous hypocrites and liars?

  3. I have had “Covid” and am regrettably double vaxxed (had to, my 96 year old mother is in LTC and I am her caregiver) and I believe I have had a vaccine injury (brain fog, lethargy) since my 2nd shot. I refused to get tested for Covid when I was sick and only knew I had it because I passed it on to my son who was tested and so I knew that what I had, had been Covid as well. My case was very mild and was up and feeling normal within 2 days. My son barely had a sniffle. I think there may be many other freedom fighters like me out there – we get sick but refuse to contribute to the Covid hysteria by getting tested for a virus that invokes no more harmful effects that the common cold or flu. I feel there is a degree of under-reporting of Covid cases in the freedom fighters for this reason.

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