[INTERVIEW] Why You Never Mass Vaccinate into a Pandemic, Monkeypox & a Better Way -Geert Vanden Bossche

Renowned vaccinologist and virologist, Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche (website, Twitter), who famously warned the world about the potential harms of mass vaccinating into a pandemic, assesses the data on Covid-19 vaccines’ safety and efficacy after having looked at 1.5-years’ data. His cautions have come unfortunately come to fruition with potentially more dire consequences ahead with the continued “vaccine” campaign.

Join us as Dr. Vanden Bossche also discusses the role of the WHO, monkeypox and a better way forward. #betterwayconference

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2 thoughts on “[INTERVIEW] Why You Never Mass Vaccinate into a Pandemic, Monkeypox & a Better Way -Geert Vanden Bossche”

  1. We are actually dealing with a predictable and natural outcome: by vaccinating in the middle of a pandemic the only immunity one can accomplish is that of the virus becoming immune to the possible effect of the vaccine. Well known for many ages.
    The only questions remains unanswered: has it been done by incompetence or by design?

  2. Geert worked for the Gates Foundation and GAVI and these basic immunological truths that are well known to all involved at higher levels -especially governmental health ministers.
    When Dr. Tam or Dr. Bonnie Henry says a seventh wave is coming they damned well know that Trudeau,Freeland and Company created the coming death wave with forced vaccination mandates.
    It’s called intentional genocide and the uneducated and ignorantly coerced masses that took these shots are going to pay the ultimate price.
    Everything that the Trudeau govt and governments like BC have done are the exact opposite of what should have been done to avoid a catastrophic culling of the immune compromised vaccinees.

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