Millions of Adverse Events and Many Deaths Reported by WHO and U.S. VAERS Data

With the regulatory capture of public health agencies, academic research institutions and governments, pharmaceutical companies have corrupted science and devastated the lives of untold innocent people simply looking to get better.

The evidence is clear and accessible for all to see. These are crimes against humanity, and there needs to be accountability.

LINK. To access the info, click on the green link halfway down the page (then “Accept”). Click on “C,” then scroll down to “COVID-19 MRNA VACCINE…” and click on each of the 5 Covid injections to get the above info.

12 thoughts on “Millions of Adverse Events and Many Deaths Reported by WHO and U.S. VAERS Data”

  1. Flash Poll—which of the following is the bigger lie?
    • Covid “Vaccines” are Safe and Effective
    • Government Works for You

  2. I put a comment about my father being killed by the Moderna Vaccine and other people I know Vaccine injured on your Telegram channel and I have now been banned by your admin. Could you please tell me why? I don’t understand.
    I have donated to you in the past.

  3. A letter to the Honorable Brian Peckford on his blog today:

    Another Letter I Must Share —Communist Actions Come Back To Life In Canada ! Must It Take An Immigrant To See What’s Happening?
    June 9, 2022 / brianpeckford


    I was both amazed and grateful to hear from you earlier this spring, and that you showed interest in the note I sent to the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms requesting that it be forwarded to you, if possible.

    For many months now I find a lot of comfort and moral support in your videos, your statements and actions. It is such a refreshing antidote to this mass psychosis around us.

    Without individuals like you it would all have been so much more hopeless. I admire your ability to act and voice what others will not dare or cannot afford, your status probably helping and while you probably could better enjoy your retirement.

    I now lived in your country for 32 years having sought to remove myself from one of those tiresome East European Communist countries. Despite years of efforts, maybe for personal reasons, maybe due to bad luck and naïveté, it turned out to be an unfulfilled existence.

    Still, somehow I made peace with myself and found comfort in the fact that Canada was still a rational, pragmatic and progressive country, a positive and inclusive society. Only sometimes, given where I come from and what was lived there, a disquieting feeling would lurk in the background that this overused slogan about this being ‘a free country” might be just that when put to test, an empty slogan.

    Since this monstrous hostile take-over in 2020 this previously vague suspicion and fear has turned into a full blown terror. Albeit in a less violent way, what my grandparents and parents lived under Hitler and Stalin suddenly reconstituted itself where one would never expect it.

    The monstrous propaganda, one-sided self-righteousness, shaming, coercion, state-sponsored blackmail I so well remember from our people’s republic, people sicced at each other like beasts in the name of one ideology or other. Although the excuse for it is different (it always is) the concept is the same. Suddenly total strangers would indulge in shaming me and ordering me around in the store or on the bus as if I were a Jew under the Nazi occupation. As if someone pressed a button that would make people act out their sadistic fantasies (like with those employed to run concentration camps).

    Every time I read about past mass psychoses, from the iconoclasm hysteria in Byzantium when people raged at each other over the use of icons to the forced conversions of Catholics or Protestants during the insane religious wars, I always thought that such a thing could not happen in our time, that someone would use a concept to set people at each other.

    Sadly it looks like nothing has been learned from history again.

    And so what faith I had in your country has been obliterated. I feel so violated, so oppressed, horrified by this sight of people lapping up propaganda, virtually revelling in it, just the way it was with the Nazis and Stalinists.

    I remember my grandmother recalling how on the day after her town was occupied by the Nazis suddenly there were Nazi flags in most every window of their apartment building, everybody fearfully adjusting to a new reality.

    I lost my family doctor of 25 years (the person I knew longest in Canada) as he started mouthing propaganda slogans. My father died the previous winter and I can’t even go and check whether anything might be salvaged there from my inheritance as one now has to go through a vetting process to get on the plane, exactly the way it was done under our Communists. Well, I’m sure you hear plenty of other such stories.

    This is why I fervently hope that you will continue with your initiatives, that you find strength to do so despite your years (I actually worry about you). Maybe those responsible for this totalitarian overreaction will be brought to justice, even though so much bad blood and damage has been created it will last for a generation. I know I am an insignificant stranger, but I wanted you to know that you have made so much positive difference in this my little damaged life. I just wish I could be of any use to your initiatives despite my limited time and means. And thank you ever so much.

    Peter Kowalik

    Toronto ‘

    Permission To Publish Was Sought and Given By The Author

  4. Thanks,Gord.
    Keep the information flowing if you are able.
    Hopefully those in complete denial and ignorance wake up and allow themselves to be educated.
    We are in a lot of trouble as a country and a species.

  5. There are a lot of side effects for a normally healthy person to consider. Why wasn’t this information available so people could have informed consent. My husband took the 2 shots of Moderna and he’s dead. Fortunately, I declined.

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