[TRAILER] 5 Doctors Dying In 2 Weeks Is “Like Finding A Unicorn”


Dr. Richard Urso
Dr. Roger Hodkinson

[TRAILER] Within 2 weeks of Greater Toronto Area (GTA) healthcare workers being offered a 4th shot, 5 young doctors had died. Is there a connection?

We’re investigating.

Join us for this trailer clip of interviews with Drs. Richard Urso, MD, and Roger Hodkinson, Pathologist, as they comment on these unprecedented deaths.

And stay tuned for the full interviews…

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4 thoughts on “[TRAILER] 5 Doctors Dying In 2 Weeks Is “Like Finding A Unicorn””

  1. This is so important to get out and realise the effects. I am in South Africa where less than 26% conceded to the vaccine. That is because African people are much more suspicious about Anthony Fauci and his role in HIV/AIDS. Where in fact they distributed HIV through vaccines as a bioweapon.

    Just like in Covid where we were told every death is important, so must the mood be the same in this case. As it touches more people’s lives, so will the anger rise. We know that doctors are on the frontline and thus the first to get the new shots. Hopefully they are a beacon for others to make decisions. But not if the news is censored. Get people talking about it is the only way. Good work Bright Light.

  2. If the 5 doctors deaths don’t alarm people, I got some real-estate on the moon to sell you, for you that believe that, I’m kidding

  3. https://doctors.cpso.on.ca/DoctorDetails/Stephen-Wayne-McKenzie/0025200-30023
    Dr Stephen Wayne Mckenzie
    Education: University of Ottawa, 1977
    Active Member as of 13 Jun 1977
    Independent Practice as of 20 Jun 1978
    CPSO#: 30023

    I wouldn’t call him young, if he graduated in 1977 at age 25, then he would be born 1952 so 70 years old (just an estimate. A 70y doctor would be a priority for the vax, but should have also been better educated than his younger counter parts.
    I don’t expect to hear about an more doctors in the MSM dieing, but do check for obitaries.

  4. There’s no doubt in my mind that there will be many more deaths to come in the next few years

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