Quebec Will Soon Require 3 Doses to Be “Fully Vaccinated”

The province of Quebec will soon demand people have a booster shot to be able to successfully use the vaccine passport. The announcement of the unscientific and discriminatory mandate came buried in a Jan. 12 CBC article innocuously titled, “Quebec recommends 3rd dose for those who’ve recently had COVID-19.”

6 thoughts on “Quebec Will Soon Require 3 Doses to Be “Fully Vaccinated””

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  2. “Do I hear four? Three, going once, going twice…”


    “The bid is four! Do I hear five? Five, anyone?”




  3. We’re gonna vax you over & over & over again *for your health* even if it kills you!
    This isn’t a government, it’s a Mafia-like organization.

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  5. “A virus’ life span is 10-12 hours.
    There is only one way to control the pandemic and that is to control the transmission of the virus.
    If you cannot do this-and none of these vaccines will do this-you are in trouble.
    The more we vaccinate,the higher the infection rate.

    We can have 2,000 more variants.If you are in good health and have an innate immune system it will deal with that.
    The virus will make a natural selection.
    Most of the damage is in the compromised vaccinated.

    Getting disease is normal. It’s not like we don’t have treatments or herd (immunity)solutions.
    First and foremost we need to stop this mass vaccination.” Geert Vanden Bossche

    1. This is no different than a street drug dealer. One you get hooked you come back for more. Now that you have ruined your immune system you too will have to keep coming back for more.

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