Ottawa Backtracks on Trucker Vaccine Mandate Reversal, Endorsing Supply Chain Shortages

Just a day after CBSA spokesman Rebecca Purdy told Canadian truckers they “will not have to quarantine if they are unvaccinated” starting Jan. 15 when returning to Canada from the U.S., Purdy sent a statement from Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos stating that the govt’s initial Nov. 19 announcement of the vaccine mandate had never changed.

Truckers, politicians and Canadians alike are stunned at the reversal, and the Canadian govt’s decision to go ahead with an unconstitutional policy that will create supply chain problems across Canada, drive up prices on basic essentials, like groceries, and destroying the economy.

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21 thoughts on “Ottawa Backtracks on Trucker Vaccine Mandate Reversal, Endorsing Supply Chain Shortages”

  1. Keep up the good work Truckers, get those wheels moving and another thing people for the New Blue Party are trying to get their wheels moving also, they know getting the word out is easy but it’s the eye opening and listening is hard

  2. For a second there, I was almost convinced that our federal government wasn’t completely hellbent on destroying the country. Silly me. I should’ve known better.

  3. There are two scenarios playing out here. Trudeau is using the playbook of destroying the people of a nation through hardship, starvation, Hitler-like threats, etc. Enforcing this jab on truckers (who do not want it) will essentially slow down to a crawl or stop altogether supplies coming into this country. Anger from the people will be directed at the truckers if they pull through on their threat of a strike (which I believe is imminent). The other scenario is that this lawless mandate will push the people of this GREAT nation to the breaking point – something he is salivating after so he can declare Martial Law. And folks if that happens, we are done. UN forces will be up and running and we can kiss our *sses goodbye.

    1. Canadians on low incomes are already struggling to put food on the table for their families. Our politicians are not motivated to lower food costs for families and instead want to disallow unvaccinated truck drivers from delivering food to us from the US. Everyone has to eat but the portion of income to eat is huge for average Canadian compared to the salaries of our MP’s and Prime Minister. MP’s earn $178,900 and Trudeau earns $357,800. On these salaries the cost of groceries is so small they buy whatever they want. Meanwhile a family of four earning a medium income of say $45,000 spending $800/month for food spends over 20% of their income on food. An MP pays 5%. and Justin pays 3%. They have no idea what many Canadian families are struggling with and they don’t care or want to know.

      1. Your so right Mark: I’ve bailed out 3 family members now to keep them a float but the pocket book can only do this to a point before I have to stop. If it wasn’t for my wife’s step father getting the thing in the arm and passing away in less than 24 hours after getting the thing in the arm, I probably wouldn’t of done some research and if I new then what I know today I probably would of tried to talk him and the family members out of it. Too much lying ,deceitfulness, probable treason and racketeering along with all the other things that’s probably been done. PCR Testing was a joke for measuring and the list could go on. I don’t recommend the thing they put in your arm because I don’t trust the medical pharmacy as I received Crestor and ended up with transient global amnesia and still lack memory loss, not that it was better than some of my cull workers, just glad I recovered some what and was also given prestige for inflammation and stopped because doctor said it was causing death to people and pulled from the market due to a liver destruction in lain terms and these were drugs on the market for a while and they want me to take a gene therapy drug which they call vaccine, I call it a biologicals weapon, so there it is I got it off my chest and more if you wish. Keep up the good fight Mark

    2. If only we could get martial law than the liberals can accomplish everything they were elected to do, make the necessary changes and get the economy back on track quicker. The liberals want what is best for all Canadians. They represent the common people in every Province and territories.

      1. We also have a housing crises that needs to be addressed as well as inflation. Chrysta Feeland knows this and she is doing what she can but it’s hard with the lockdowns. Getting everyone fully vaccinated will bring the economy back on track.

      2. Rog, what is someone with your passion for evil doing here in Canada still? We know you would love to turn Canada into North Korea but we’re never going to let people like you do that. Perhaps you should consider moving there now and experiencing some instant gratification.

        1. He’d be doing Canada and all of a us a favor if he wanted to live in a communist country and go now, he’d be winning and crying like a little baby I want to come home but we wouldn’t allow him back in

        2. It’s about trusting each other and Canadian citizens to keep each other safe so we can Build Back Better….for all Canadians.

      3. Either your comments are meant as sarcasm (which I clearly hope!) or you are yet another Liberal troll with sawdust for brains….which is it?

  4. Sign the petition of 1,000,000 signatures to get rid of Trudeau, they’re bypassing the judicial system and asking first the senators to do the job they were asked to correct the laws in place now and put laws in place not to allow the existing laws to be broken, you’ll have to locate the site to sign as I just heard about this

    1. No please don’t Trudeau is a hero and one of Canada’s best Prime Ministers. Just let him do his job so we can get back to normal….better than normal for all Canadians!

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