Hospital Refuses Entry of Unvaccinated Mom into ER with Preemie

A tweet from an unvaccinated mother earlier Friday afternoon has gone viral in which she claims that she was denied entry into a Saskatchewan emergency room with her premature son.

The cruel refusal of entry happened just about a week after the mother was able to give birth in a hospital.

6 thoughts on “Hospital Refuses Entry of Unvaccinated Mom into ER with Preemie”

  1. Keep your little one close to you and feed, feed ,feed him. How is he doing. Could he have a little oxygen if his lungs need it. Stupid hospital staff.

  2. This is evil, plain and simple. This mother needs to sue the hospital for discrimination and gross violation of her Charter rights and human rights!!!

    1. I think this is where the Action4Canada notice of liability should be used. By giving it to the person refusing entry for health care they are holding that person liable for any consequences. This would make them think twice about their actions.

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