Deaths ‘With’ and ‘From’ Covid-19 and the Inflation of Data

On April 7, 2020, Dr. Scott Jensen exposed the unprecedented change in the classification of deaths for Covid-19. No longer did Covid-19 have to be the actual cause of death; a person could have died from a clear alternate cause other than Covid-19 but because they tested “positive,” they were marked a Covid-19 death.

This inflation of data contributed to a global fearmongering campaign for Covid-19 and the consequent compliance of measures and vaccine mandates that followed.

Why are govts–almost 2 years after the fact–now stating they want to be transparent by distinguishing deaths ‘with’ and ‘from’ Covid-19?

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3 thoughts on “Deaths ‘With’ and ‘From’ Covid-19 and the Inflation of Data”

  1. Big pharma’s biggest scam ever. The virus was never that deadly, and the experimental gene therapies never really worked. Add in the known side effects and…wow! (Not to mention the outright suppression of dissenting opinions and therapies that actually work.)

    Now, what I really want to know is which of our leaders and media were bought by big pharma, and which were just plain stupid and gullible as f?

  2. Reading Dr.Peter and Ginger Breggin’s book entitled ‘Covid 19 and the Global Predators: We are the Prey’ …..
    Summarises this whole sordid con succinctly.
    Unfortunately,the book was released prior to the findings of La Quinta Columna,Dr. Robert O. Young,Dr. Andreas Noack (who was murdered) and now many other scientists/insiders confirming these injections contain DARPA-created hydrogel or graphene hydroxide nano particles along with self-assembling nano circuitry that are remotely activated with electronic frequencies.
    Since they have fear porned 90% of their target into submission and the damage is irreversible it will not matter to those on top how much truth comes out and/or whether the figureheads now get thrown under the bus . Simply buys them the time of a diversion to implement their agenda.
    It will take a real awakening amongst the sheeple for those responsible to be properly addressed.

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