Fully-Vaxxed Man with Covid Sees Outbreak Among Vaxxed Now Questioning Mandates

Rod Dreher (78k followers) says in viral tweet that he and his boosted wife and fully vaccinated kids now have Omicron, just as many of his now infected friends.

The narrative is crumbling more each day, as more and more people are forced to see the reality of the ineffectiveness of Covid-19 vaccines.

10 thoughts on “Fully-Vaxxed Man with Covid Sees Outbreak Among Vaxxed Now Questioning Mandates”

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  3. I would like to quote Dr. Dr. Vladimir Zelenko in his recent interview with Dr. Mercola.
    “As noted by Zelenko, it’s becoming more and more obvious that the pandemic measures were never about protecting us from COVID. It was always about creating a new world order. It was about setting the stage for a Great Reset to “Build Back Better.”
    But better for whom? The Build Back Better plan is about building “a society run by a few sociopaths and the rest of us enslaved,” Zelenko says. The good news is that more and more people are now starting to see this plan, and “once that realization reaches a certain threshold of people, countries are going to change and fall like dominoes,” he says.
    As for when we might get our freedom back, that depends on us. As noted by Zelenko, “freedom isn’t free.” We were free (at least up until 2020) because our forefathers had the courage to confront tyranny. If we want our children to be free, we now have to display that same courage.
    “Whether or not our children will be free depends on whether or not we are ready to sacrifice,” Zelenko says. “Are we ready, in this generation, to pay the price to ensure that our children thrive in freedom and have the ability to maintain God consciousness?
    It’s going to happen. The unknown variable is to body count. I would hope that this interview reaches the consciousness of every single human being. People must choose to say no from this point on.”

  4. It’s just confidence without clarity!
    It happens when you allow yourself
    to be hypnotized…..like the majority
    usually does.
    But, you are asking questions!
    Good sign! Soon the answer will appear!
    Live and learn…..we all do one way or another.

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