The Truth About Covid-19 Vaccines – Dr. Peter McCullough, MD

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Join us for a comprehensive delve into the latest data on Covid-19 vaccines (safety, efficacy, FDA approval, adverse events), mandates and treatments with the world’s foremost expert on all things Covid-19, Dr. Peter McCullough.

18 thoughts on “The Truth About Covid-19 Vaccines – Dr. Peter McCullough, MD”

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  2. Very interesting, my comment won’t be popular, but, when I check the data I am seeing the exact opposite of what the Doctor & host are saying: in the data from Israel & UK, while it’s true the vaccine is waning, and initial hospitalization for infection between the unvaccinated & the vaccinated is similar – if the virus evolves into a serious infection that’s when you see a difference between the vaccinated & the not vaccinated. Severity and death is vastly higher amongst the unvaccinated. And many doctors are reporting long haul effects in those who had even mild cases of COVID anda even amongst the younger population… Having said all that I still believe vaccination should be a choice.

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  4. Thank you for this. Its extremely informative. I don’t understand how the vaccines are mandated at businesses, colleges, universities etc. This should be on every single news outlet worldwide

  5. These vaccines must not be allowed to continue to harm. Mandates are completely unethical. Thank you for this enlightening interview! Our politicians must reverse course and do the right thing.

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