Dr. Stephen Malthouse’s Message to Ottawa Freedom Convoy

Dr. Stephen Malthouse, MD, was the first physician to speak out against harmful Covid measures and the vaccines. He is currently under investigation by the BC medical regulator for doing so.

Dr. Malthouse’s speech was played on the video wall at Parliament Hill, Ottawa, this past Sunday, Feb. 13.

**Bright Light News would like to thank Dr. Malthouse and all of the other participating experts who accepted our invite to share a message with the #truckersforfreedom2022.

2 thoughts on “Dr. Stephen Malthouse’s Message to Ottawa Freedom Convoy”

  1. is it now time to peacefully picket/protest at or in front of the financial institutions i.e. banks insurance companies etc..? remember that from century to century, humankind has asserted the primacy of individual freedom over all other values.

  2. thanks for all your work on the most important time in our history on earth. Please do a narrative on the work of Christopher James found at A Warrior calls.He is a speaker this week and weekend on stage in Ottawa. He has morale code unlike that which is missing across the board in the so-called elected politicians/experts etc. and has a SOLUTION for all men and woman on the land called Canada and across the world. His TRUTH is simple – 3 questions for those bullying to get our consent and have false jurisdiction over men and women. Please give him the exposure he needs as he is driven to correct and route out the evil that has raised its ugly head for all to see now. ChEeRs!!

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