Dr. Daniel Nagase’s Message to Ottawa Freedom Convoy Truckers

Dr. Daniel Nagase’s message to Freedom Convoy 2022 aired on the outdoor video screen in Ottawa Saturday, Feb. 12.

**Bright Light News would like to thank Dr. Nagase and all of the other participating doctors who accepted our invite to share a message with the #truckersforfreedom2022.


9 thoughts on “Dr. Daniel Nagase’s Message to Ottawa Freedom Convoy Truckers”

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  3. Dr. Daniel Nagase was assaulted by officers in Canadian court a few weeks ago.
    Dr. Daniel Nagase you voice the concerns of the original peoples of north america.
    Dr. Daniel Nagase you are a good friend.
    Dr. Daniel Nagase i feel you are my kindred spirit.
    I just today thought of the idea
    what if women charged for childbirth?
    would that be before or just after the baby is born?
    from oregon

  4. Thank you Dr. Nagase for reminding me just how much of our freedom and liberty has slowly been taken away from us one bit at a time. You got me thinking that this plandemic is an opportunity to not only take back our medical freedoms but to put halt to this greenhouse gas nonsense and the rollout of 5G radiation that will eventually cause more health problems than the toxic covid shots.

  5. Unfortunately other parts of the world community under vaccine program ongoing by their authority. Mass vaccination means more People’s under Plandemic of Pandemic policy.
    In anyway it must be banned or stopped any digital mandatory policy.
    Life is natural and so for Human beings.
    It’s really unexpected for every parents who get their children ages 12 almost vaccinated for joining classes or admission. The miss infodemic Plandemic of Covid.

  6. In naturally if you want to prove or need to think to banned this Covid policy or no other choice. You see last one month’s protest and gethering and hug each others so closely protest against VACCINE policy. But no Covid news among these People’s of freedom . No one Covid deaths or Covid 19 attack any of them…
    So where is Covid 19 !!!!

  7. He speaks truth when it comes to CO2 – I took biology in University – I can confirm we did experiments in the greenhouse that showed this exact thing – more CO2 = more growth of plants while less CO2, less growth just saying… I surely prefer to be well fed and warm instead of being starved in a little ice age…

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