Ottawa Speaker Lineup for Freedom Convoy Today

Daily speeches continue live from Ottawa’s Parliament Hill in support of Freedom Convoy 2022.

The weekend lineup will be released soon and will feature an all-day list of speakers, including experts from various professions, activists and live musical acts.

4 thoughts on “Ottawa Speaker Lineup for Freedom Convoy Today”

  1. from century to century, humankind has asserted the primacy of individual freedom over all other values. is it now the time to picket/protest peacefully at or outside in front of the financial banks, insurance companies etc..?

  2. Christopher James is the BOSS !! He has the morale code and you can feel it when he speaks. He is the LIGHT to this Whirled. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for putting him on stage where he belongs. His simple SOLUTION needs to be heard far and wide. ChEeRs

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