Canadian Pilot Sacrifices Career to Uphold Freedoms & Cofounds Free2Fly for Aviation Pros

*Interview trailer and full interview with Greg Hill

Greg Hill was an exemplary pilot with an impeccable record for a Canadian airline and the military for over 30 years, yet none of this mattered as he was forced to leave his job due to a coercive vaccine mandate. Hill then went on to cofound Free2Fly, a group of more than 2,800 aviation professionals and 35,000 passengers advocating for freedom of medical choice across Canada.

62 thoughts on “Canadian Pilot Sacrifices Career to Uphold Freedoms & Cofounds Free2Fly for Aviation Pros”

  1. Hero indeed!! I suggest you throw out the TV Joe and come out of the Mockingbird Media induced TRANCE and see the real world!!

      1. I say if you don’t get vaccinated to help the rest of humanity you should step aside like pilot Greg Hill did.

        1. Getting juiced doesn’t help society or your community (FACT). It only benefits your own inflated ego and wokeism. Kudos to Greg for fighting for freedom, human rights and bodily autonomy.

          1. Greg Hill did the right thing stepping down, by staying on as a pilot he endangers the rest of us, too bad he’s misinformed and wasted his career

          2. Just curious, I’ll bet you’re a flat earther as well Kasey. Your type usually is, the ones that jump on the latest conspiracy theories. I agree with the majority and think Greg Hill should not endanger any one who he is around, lots of reality based pilots to take his place

        2. Agree. These young pilots and people in general should have been around when mumps, chickenpox, measles, scarlet fever, polio and other infectious disease were around and vaccinations was the thing to do to save yourself, your children and neighbors. Science, medicine and technology is what brought them safe here today.

          1. Try but you can’t compare COVID to the rest. Keep praying to your false Gods to keep you safe. When your on your 67th booster because you have zero immune system left, don’t say we told you so. The COVID-19 vaccine is experimental, inferior and downright dangerous. It’s harmed way more people than helped. It’s good people like Greg that stand against medical and elitist tyranny and dictatorship and for all of our Freedoms just like our forefathers before us. We will pray for all you sheep.

          2. The vaccines like measles and mumps were made out of convivence so mothers didn’t have to take time off work, look it up. These illness are none deadly. The polio vaccine causes a new deadlyer virus called poliovaccine, look it up! polio was eradicated with proper nutrition and hygiene. When you sleeping people realize that medicine and science were taken over by the Rockefeller cartel in the early 1900s for profit. All medicine today is made with their petroleum. All media is owned by Blackrock, these same families own big pharma, big pharma owns google lol. Turn off you TV Donald which was invented by the Germans as a tool to brainwash you like you are now

          3. Can’t believe the outbreak of gullibility here. The fact is your shots do not prevent you from getting or spreading covid. So quit already with the crap about him endangering your lives. If the shot was effective for you , you shouldn’t be worried about him abstaining.

        3. Hey Rene if you get the shot then you’re protected. Since when did that change. What the hell are you even doing on this site

      2. The unvaccinated are the only ones getting covid bad these days , maybe the problem will work itself out and only the vaccinated will be left!

        1. Luckily the majority of the population knows the truth and does not buy into the social media misinformation , the majority (90%) is vaccinated and will get society through this. The minority(20%) of the population will ride on the backs of the vaccinated , as usual

    1. I am happy to say everyone I know that has seen this post agrees that this pilot is doing the right thing and is actually a role model for the rest of us to get off our butts and stand up for our rights, one of which is the right to maintain our bodies as we see fit.

      1. Mr Greg Hill will realize he is on the wrong side soon, such a pity to waste a career on misinformation.

        1. What misinformation? He declined the vaccine based on his research. That is how a democracy works. It is in totalitarian countries that people have no freedom of choice. You sound like the Nazis at the Nuremberg trails saying they only were following orders. The pilot is a free agent regarding these vaccines. Shame on you. You do realize the vaccines are barely what they were touted to be?

    2. Hero indeed. Gave up his job so a more reasonable and caring pilot who wants and needs work will have a job.

    3. The real world is all around you Karen, get off the computer and misinformation sites and experience it like the rest of us and stop buying into the fake anti-vaccine people.

    4. I feel sorry for you Karen, I really do, hopefully you soon see through the propaganda of anti vaxxers

    5. Well time to sign off this fake news/conspiracy site , I’ve had fun messing with you conspiracy freaks especially you Kasey! It’s so easy to mess with you all as most anti vaxxers are low IQ in the brain department! There are voices of reason here as well and I salute you! Goodbye low IQ ones time to move on to a different site!

  2. I have a great second career for this heroic pilot. We need to recruit him to run for the peoples party and get him elected. Our freedoms are at stake. The establishment can’t/won’t help us.

  3. Thanks for standing up to the current regime buddy. Good to hear you are keeping the pedal to the metal. Miss flyin’ with ya. Tapeworm.

  4. Thank you for having the integrity and courage to stand up to these insane measures. Looking forward to the interview.
    P.S. Did you stop in at our protest in Trenton?

  5. Dear Greg.
    Thank you so much for being a voice for so many of us Canadians. And yes, anyone who speaks up against this tyranny is a Hero. I hope someday I get to meet you in person to give you a huge hug of gratitude.

    I also lost my job as I will never allow this jab into my body.

    Maybe someday you will be the pilot on a plane I get to go on. You are the kind of person I would trust with my life at the control panels of a plane.

    Thank you

  6. So sad. The idea that refusing to take a vaccine somehow makes you a hero. Please stay away from children and other vulnerable members of society.

    1. You mean so sad someone stands up for our rights and freedoms against a inferior, experimental , dangerous pharmaceutical shot? Hell ya that’s a hero. Joe go hide at home because quite obviously you are afraid of your shadow. You are what is wrong with the world today. I pray you wake up before it’s too late although I fear it might be too late for you . There is help out for you . Praying for you .

      1. Praying for you as well Kasey, you’ve bought into the misinformation on social media and have gone down the wrong road. Prayers for you to realize the truth.

    2. Stay away from children? Really? They are the safest of all. Deep respect for this pilot and others like him.

    3. Joe if you would actually open your mind to self evolved critical thinking, you would see that A) children under the age of 12 actually have less than .002% chance of being effected by this covid FLU, but that taking the experimental gene therapy shot that their chances of adverse reactions and death FROM the so called vaccine are many, many, many times greater! B) Do you know that spontaneous abortions and stillbirths among vaccinated women has increased close to 800% since the introduction of this injection? Turn off your TV, stop taking instructions from Pharma owned media and do your own damn research. Greg Hill you ARE a HERO and I commend you Sir!! Start an independent airline and I will travel with you always!!!

      1. Greg Hill please start an airline to fly jab- free Canadians away from this Pfizer sponsored Marxist Globalist tyrrany!

        1. I agree! I study the AIM and Im so sad to see what’s happen’
          Need strong people get’s and STAND UP!

      2. Either you are misinformed or you are lying. If you insist on spreading fake information, perhaps provide some legitimate sources for your nonsense.

      3. Well put together Jayleen. l take my hat off to all those people who stand up for our freedom and our rights. God Bless All Of You. For the ones that took the jab and thought it was the right think to do for different reasons, l say… God Look Over Each One Of You


          1. Actually you the juiced up are getting COVID and some just clots and myocarditis or guillaume barre disease. If not now, good luck to your immune system in the future. One day you will all wake up. Praying for you all.

    4. You’re ignorant and covidiot. Wait until you realize that the jabs your crying for are a lifetime occupation. Very soon your pass will be useless unless you take boosters. I call them updates because you’ll be controlled through those microchip injectable jabs, you’re like a gadget now, just wait for updates.

    5. Agreed! I’ll bet since he’s a pilot he’s had ALL the other vaxx’s and precautions plus more but here he is making a spectacle of himself.

      1. Except for the fact that this is not a true vaccine. It’s an experimental pharmaceutical drug that is proving to not only be leaky and inferior but downright dangerous and unnecessary for a virus most of us have a 99.95% chance of surviving. Go away Troll. Kudos to this brave Captain !!

        1. I think you should do your research Kasey, vaccines do not lower your natural immune system. You’re getting your data from one location, covid conspiracy sites that have just popped up recently. If you’re going to preach at least do the research.

    6. Katrina brackwell

      Children are fine since parents can now shoot up their5 year olds and celebrate them as heroes with that mind control MacD junior meal. The Golden Arches ! You are ridiculous . I know of a whole school not having had covid and are not shot up. Brainwashed much ? Knowledgeable much ? Not so. If you made your choice good for you . May your tomorrow’s never run out

    7. Hey Joe children don’t die from the flu I mean Covid. Vulnerable people can receive the vaccine BTW, and if you get the shot then you’re protect right? what is the percentage of vulnerable people? Its less then 1 percent and these people already before covid need to be isolated and wearing masks. Look up the Great Reset cause thats what this is about. So sad how misinformed about general heath you are

    8. What an absolute idiot . Another rabbit hole for you deliverance morons. This hero’s career is completely over.

  7. David Mickalishen

    Thank you for your service and for your bravery and sacrifice in the face of craziness. Our prayers are for you!!!

  8. Greg, thank you for all your service. In my mind you are another Canadian Hero,the polar opposite to our cowardly so called leaders. Its people like you that inspire us to continue this fight for our freedom and abolish all the pain and suffering which has been intentionally unleashed upon us.

  9. That’s awesome. I hope many of your colleagues follow in your footsteps!! Thank you for all you are doing and all that you have done.
    Sue K

  10. Thank you for your bravery in these dark times! I can only hope many will follow in your foot steps.

  11. Thank you for your service to our country. Your brave stand and your willingness to make this sacrifice will inspire others to take a stand as well.

    1. We’re almost 95% vaxx’ed and finally free to do as we wish with some caveats.
      We toughed it out and are doing very well.

  12. Thank you so much for standing with us on this monumental fight we have infront of us….God bless

  13. A price to pay for freedom of choice but congratulations on standing your ground. Giving up one freedom will lead to giving up more.

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