Ethical Advocate Shares Global Data on Injecting Children with mRNA Shots

Margot Boyd, an ethical advocate with a Masters in Health Sciences, unleashed 5-minutes of alarming global data on the harms of Covid-19 vaccines for children, “While Toronto’s plunging head first into injecting children, 5-11 years of age, other countries around the world are pulling back children’s injections.”

Boyd also called out Toronto City Council, Public Health and Ontario top doc, Dr. Kieran Moore, for fearmongering the public with misinformation at the Dec. 6 Toronto City Council Board of Health meeting.

Full deputation + Boyd’s submitted document

2 thoughts on “Ethical Advocate Shares Global Data on Injecting Children with mRNA Shots”

  1. These people fear the truth goes against everything they bought into hook line and sinker. This is an ego problem. This is why they get mad and project anger and rage and seek to vilify those that have critical thinking skills and choose bodily autonomy and freedom of choice while awaiting accurate and factual data over jumping into something over fear. Facts and love is the only way to helping people wake up. Some sadly are too far gone.

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