[FULL INTERVIEW] Canadian Pilot Sacrifices Career for Freedoms, Cofounds Free2Fly

Greg Hill is a 32-year veteran pilot, having flown for the Canadian military and Air Canada. Due to the vaccine mandates imposed by Transport Canada, Hill is now out of work and fighting against the unconstitutional and unsafe vaccine mandates that jeopardize the safety of air travel for all Canadians.

In his efforts to bring awareness and remove the vaccine mandate, Hill cofounded the advocacy organization, Free2Fly.

25 thoughts on “[FULL INTERVIEW] Canadian Pilot Sacrifices Career for Freedoms, Cofounds Free2Fly”

  1. Right in your face and you are not aware of what is going on , how ignorant can you be ? Even doctors are losing their jobs because of refusing to take the jab . Countless people are dying and some are negatively impacted because of this vaccine yet still you want to shame another person because of him refusing to take poison. 🙄. May God help you.

  2. Great interview,I wish we have many more pilots just be brave and start speak the truth.I certenly would not want to fly with pilot vaccinated, and not know when he will drop death from a heart attack after he was jobed.

  3. You forgot Rog, or what ever your real name is, that the new variant came to our country with double vaxxed people. You’ve been played, and we’re onto you.

  4. The WHO has acknowledged that the PCR test does not detect COVID. Why are the entities still using it as the gold standard?
    The African authorities have stated that the Omicron variant is less harmful than the Delta variant yet Fauci and his cronies are telling everyone that because of this “new” Omicron variant that we have to get a booster shot. Fauci also announced that booster shots every 6 months will become the new norm. I believe he and his cohorts will make it every 2-3 months.

    Look up how much Bezos was worth before the vaccines and after. You may be shocked into reality that number one, this is a money making scheme and that two, it is a culling exercise of the human population.

    You can’t create a new vaccine with today’s technology that can bypass the years of trial and error that has been performed in the past. And yet the majority of people are listening to the uninformed and I include Fauci in that majority. Search how many times he has flip flopped on the issue of masks….first no masks would be required, then they were, then you needed 2 masks, now even the jabbed people are required to wear them. And now it is being proposed that you need to wear them when you are in your own residence. Sound ridiculous? That’s because it is!

    As far as the individual called Rog Whit goes, he is trolling you and enjoying your angered responses. You just have to ignore his posts, don’t respond to him or any other pseudonym he or anyone else uses. Well done to the moderator of this forum though for allowing posts such as his to be seen. It shows that we do indeed have freedom of speech no matter how much one is opposed to the others viewpoints.

    I am a 37 year Airline Captain who has lost my position due to the CCP virus and my former employer letting nearly 3,000 pilots go and I as well refuse to take the jab. One has to stand for what they believe in otherwise no one will take you seriously.


  5. I support him and all others who will not bow down cowering to evil agenda! FREEDOM is precious and God given! Fight with your voice, and demand truth be told, stay strong fight for your rights and children and, grandchildren their future is in your hands ! All Canadians wake up ! PRAY! PRAY! PRAY!!!!!!

    1. I sure as hell dont. Would not want him flying a plane I am on. If he is that stupid and ignorant about the vax I sure as hell could not trust him with my life flying a plane. I would not want to be within 30 feet of this pathetic excuse for a human being.

      Glad he has no career anymore. I say black list this trouble maker!!!

      1. Hey Rog Whit the TWIT. Hope you are all up to date with the jabs…for now….good riddance 🤡

      2. Rog you’re the ignorant one! You can get Covid & spread just as easy as the unvaxxed! In fact if you would ignore the MSM propaganda & listen to real virologists, vaccinologists, eptimologists etc. you would know that it’s the spike proteins injected in the vaxxed that cause the variants. The un-vaxxed to not have spike proteins. If anything it’s the vaxxed that should be banned! The Omicron variant brought in by double vaxxed person!!

  6. Lise Carmen Verdon

    What a wonderful company, I find this a wonderful innovative way to defeat the corruptions in this world. My congratulations to you and your othr colleagues for giving hope to mobile people that wants to keep their freedom.

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    1. The only freedom these people (and people like you) are expressing is the freedom to be an F*n moron. Get the god dam jab so we can go back to normal

      I think some of you enjoy COVID spreading around and infecting people. I am really starting to think some of you have more insidious means than you put on. As far as I am concerned you should all be considered enemies of the state. Not getting the jab is no different than driving drunk. Its criminal negligence and that deserves 10 years in prison!

      1. Hmmm.
        In BC it is pretty 50/50 of those who are developing covid between the jab and the jab free. The newest variant is more among those who have taken the jab.
        Seeing pilots die from the jab, I would feel MUCH safer with someone flying me, without this toxin in their body.

      2. hey MORON…..the VAXXED are the one spreading it……or don’t you actually read…..start INFORMING yourself……and stay off CNN and MSDNC……or CBC….but most of all quit being a SHEEP……

      3. How about you come and see me you pile of💩. You are clueless, do some research 🤡. It is so obvious you are nothing but a parrot puppet for MSM and know absolutely F A about this so called “vaccine”. It is a gene therapy bio weapon. PROVEN 100%. What do have to say about all the deaths and injuries you pile of 💩? Health officers pushing it on kids and pregnant/nursing mothers. 86 still born in 6 months. ALL were jabbed, Waterloo ON. Van BC, Children’s Hospital, 13 still born in 24 hours. Nurse from there says they may see “one a month”. Go to VAERS/CDC if you know what it is 🤡. I would say you are brain washed but I am sure one needs a brain first….you and any others with your opinion can F O A D

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