[FULL INTERVIEW] Church Pastors Were Bribed “To Buy Into This Evil Agenda” – Ontario Pastor

An anonymous pastor joined us to share details of how some Ontario pastors were “bought out…to get the members of our church to buy in to this evil [Covid] agenda.”

In the interview, the pastor recommends that all church members ask their pastor if they took any bribe money to comply with Covid measures.

36 thoughts on “[FULL INTERVIEW] Church Pastors Were Bribed “To Buy Into This Evil Agenda” – Ontario Pastor”

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  2. YASHUA AND HIS YAHUSHA will not be mocked.They are the TRUE names above all names.The name Christian if you look at its etymology derives from cretan or Idiot.

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  5. According to white hat appointed Romana Didulo, who’s in charge of Canadian military et al, behind the scenes, many, many, many Canadian politicians, doctors, nurses, law enforcement, lawyers, etc. etc. etc. are “taking bribe money” since day one!
    No one can suppress the Truth from outing since The Crystalline Christ Consciousness Grid largely replaced the magnetic grid before the shift of the ages, 2012!
    It “compels the Truth” as we humans are upshifting our DNA (expanding our consciousness) bringing us into the higher 4th / lower 5th dimension!
    GOD BLESS YOU for your Honesty Pastor.

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  12. These are huge accusations without proof and names.in this day and age of fake news. I will put this on the shelf until i see and hear proof. This is alarming at the heighth of deception that is happening

    1. Do you also consider as FAKE NEWS, and put on the shelf the claims that there is a deadly virus, and that vaccines are safe and effective, and do not cause any harm, even if you have no proof of it?

    2. I totally agree with you. I seriously doubt this is factual. The invite to be offered money sounded a bit too obvious. I would have thought it rather would have been very subtly mentioned there may be financial renumeration rather than using the word money..

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  16. I think this is anonymous pastor should have named names. But because he did not I think he BETRAYED the kingdom of God.

    1. i agree with you Frank because he makes it all look wishy-washy.
      He is not courageous because he did not qualify his statement. He sounds a young pastor because he has missed the point of ”calling out” the Judas who was willing to sacrifice his congregation into taking a suicide v. a 666 mark.
      What was the point of this interview??? There are loads of OSAS baptists taking the mark. Plse, everyone do your research on this. The 1611 bible says its ON NOT IN the hand or forehead. The bible does not say its a chip.

    2. FRANK google ”the seeker” and click on ”this priest found out the hard way….” watch the video it has sub-titles. After his horrifying testimony of taking the v. he says ”whoever cowers and is silent before sin becomes an accessory and an accomplice to sin”.

  17. Could someone please type me a transcript of what we said or make a bullet list of what was said as I am Deaf. Thanks in advance.

  18. These governments were created by the Catholic church, and the Church of England, so are we surprised by this revelation?

    1. The only revelation that surprises me is the number of ignorant tin foil hatters running around such as yourself that consider Alex Jones and Rebel Media “actual” news. We had places for you back in the 70s..they were called nut houses!!!

      1. Architectectonics

        Your Saying we’re dealing with a bunch of ” Really nice guys” ? Dumbest Thought Ever! Funny how this is connected to REAL “ACTUAL NEWS” (from all over) sources who are not from Alex Jones and Rebel Media but Actual Court Fillings in Canada ?? LOL go away.

      2. Johnny Lunch bucket

        Well Mr. Whit-less, you are the one with head up your arse if you don’t think that there is evil in this world that is trying to take it over. Just sit back and watch knucklehead.

  19. I had to leave the Anglican church in Toronto. I don’t even need to ask that question. They shut down before government lockdowns and enforced social distancing before that. But this kind of church has Bishops. It’s the Bishops that took the money. The priests made covenants to obey Bishops in their ordination.

    I had covid and recovered before lockdowns and it took me a year and a half to personally know someone else who got sick. You know the most common question I get asked when I tell a “government believer” my experience? It’s, “Are you sure it was covid?”

    There’s no talking sense into this. Either God lifts the veil or He doesn’t.

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  21. I agree to your assessment but maybe he was not ready to endure the persecutions that he himself would face as seen by what happens to pastors who do not comply. I’m not willing to condemn what he has to say but use his message to ASK questions of our church leaders.

    1. Most Pastors today dont know the Lord! They sold out for money long ago. It became a lucrative “Business” and Charletons , Shepherds? no one seems to care, no one, meaning those sitting in pews on Sunday and listening to another Gospel. persecution is here. We stand or we fall on what we do with Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God. Jesus is the onky Shepherd. the true church is comprised of those who willingly lay down their lives for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords..

      Rise up true Church Rise up our Redemption draweth nigh! Jesus is coming to take All true Believers home but we must spread the Gospel Time is short. I pray many will be saved. We should not be surprised at thewiles of the enemy God’s Word has warned us about the last days and howwe should come out of these churches filled with Apostacy.. Turn to the Savior before it is too late..

  22. What a terrible interview. Nothing but deflection and skating on answers. I expect better from BLN. This pastor is so worried about the flock, he won’t mention his name or where he is even located, what church he pastors or even invite those who maybe cannot attend their own church due to the rules.
    This garbage is what causes division.

    1. I agree with your assessment. The person would not answer specific questions that did not lead to identifying churches or individuals. i.e. how many attended, what were the specifics of the requirements to get the money. Should also have asked how was money to be paid, who was funding, how was compliance to be measured and reported to get the money. The lack of specifics make the interview less than credible while at the same time casting all churches under suspicion……and potentially contributing to a falling away of the church. Not up to BLN standards

    2. Really,l thought he was very considerate to not judge or bring division but to share what happened.

      1. Corruption in any area of government, church, business, should always be identified and acted upon. Corruption creates unfair winners and unfair losers and there is no place for this especially in churches. The members of the churches should be made aware of the reasons why any decisions are made, in particular where there is no biblical basis. This interview was so void of any meaningful content that it barely qualifies as a rumour should not have even been covered.

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