[BREAKING] Liberal MP Breaks Ranks: Trudeau Govt’s Policies Divisive, Reassess All Measures

Quebec MP Joël Lightbound just finished a press conference in which he sounded much like Interim Conservative Leader, Candice Bergen, MP, in her speech Monday, Jan. 31, where she lambasted Trudeau for his divisive politics in not supporting truckers and protesters outside on Parliament Hill for wanting their freedoms. Lightbound says the Liberal Party’s divisive politics, which spreads beyond the truckers and into broader society, must stop and that all Covid measures and vaccine mandates must be reevaluated like Dr. Theresa Tam has stated and like many other countries are now doing. A road-map with clear benchmarks on how to lift restrictions should also be part of the party’s move forward.

Lightbound says there are other party members who also feel “discomfort” over the current state of affairs.

23 thoughts on “[BREAKING] Liberal MP Breaks Ranks: Trudeau Govt’s Policies Divisive, Reassess All Measures”

  1. Are you kidding me?
    These mRNA injections are crimes against humanity.
    This entire agenda was Globalist Davos and WHO driven.
    The elected members should all be resigning en masse to leave their leaders to answer the charges of treason/
    This has to end now. Now more Turdo. Singh,Tam,the Ottawa mayor whom is allegedly a globalist. The cabinet members that are beholden to the WEF should all be rounded up.
    They should all be arrested and thrown into prison yesterday.

    1. Agree 100%.They all need to be held accountable. Even those employers that forced the jab on their employees. No one gets a free ride on this one. Hanging would be better than throwing in jail and in a public place.

  2. Brilliant, brave, breakthrough!!
    I listened to the entire 1 hour bilingual presentation and Q&A’s which is even more
    informative and inspirational.
    Maybe this is the first step of the long march to Get Better Forward
    My admiration and congratulations to MP Lighbound for representing his constituents
    to the gouvernment, and not the gouvernment to his constituents.
    I wish him every success.

  3. No need for a plan , just end them. End the vax-unvax discrimination, end the psychological masking abuses to everyone especially our youth, end the boarder crossing mandates and lobby the US to do the same. RESTORE OUR COUNTRY now. Publicly apologize to all those who have lost their jobs, hones, families, open up a vaccine damage mitigation fund. I myself have lost over 25000 in revenues due to the unconstitutional oppression of my basic rights as a Canadian. Stop all movement towards a QR coded society. I will not be your digital slave in any way.

  4. Liberal MPs need to meet and talk amongst themselves to arrange for an immediate non-confidence vote against Trudeau who has shown no leadership qualities, who demonstrates only dictatorship, and uses the legacy media to mould public opinion. We really do need to start fresh with a leader who has true ethics, is honest, and who cares about Canada, if this country has any hope of freedom from the political tyranny that presently rules. Singh must go too. All, including some caucus, are from the same WEF classroom with an agenda that has nothing to do with serving the people. First order of business for a new leader, in my opinion, is to demand that legacy media be freed to return to real journalism with honest coverage of the full story so that those who have bought in to the narrative of lies can have a chance to reassess where they align.

    1. “We really do need to start fresh with a leader who has true ethics, is honest, and who cares about Canada” Why do we need a leader? It’s like if I have a servant and I ask him/her to lead me. And where is that new leader with ethics to be found?

      1. I agree. All our govt ofgicials are just puppets and actors with no morals. In the end it really doesnt matter who we vote for as there are more powerful people pulling the strings than most people realize.

    2. Any politician, or leader, who uses his position to disparage Calumny against their own citizens must be removed from their positions of influence, and be held accountable for their egregious conduct, which many feel have crossed the line into criminal behavior.

      That list is long, and getting longer exponentially.

  5. No -the message is clear- no more giving in- ELIMINATE ALL AND EVERY MANDATE\INJUSTICE COMMITTED. THEY THE LIBERALS AND THEIR 21 PERCENT MANDATE NEED TO BE OUSTED. THESE ARE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. Stand up Canada-don’t be drawn into anything less. Any giving in and we will never get our country and freedom back. GO FREEDOM TRUCKERS 2022. You are our hero’s. Please Canada wake up and stand up.Put off your T,vs ,get off the twitters,Spotifies, Facebooks. Stop believing the MSM.

    1. The emergency act needs to go because otherwise they can lift everything and anytime bring it right back!

      1. You are absolutely right. The first thing to go is the emergency act! Then scrap that piece of “legislation” completely! The government must never have that power again.

      2. The emergency act was never declared by the Turdo because to do that the government would have to go to court and prove there was a pandemic.

    2. Why are these people still asking permission from the ^&*)(_)(* Government???????? The Gov is not for the
      people, to hell with them, if it is right JUST DO IT, STOP asking permission or help from the GOVERNMENT round
      United States needs to do this also. NO MORE PERMISSION FROM THE GOVERNMENT. And if they take
      the gas, water, electricity, food from us………..WELL….lets find them and take them out of their houses so they can
      stand in the cold with no heat, electricity, gas, food there would be beating them or any riots just find out where they live and let them stand in the streets with the Truckers and freeze instead of allowing the to run away and
      hide in their bunkers or fancy hide away houses. COME ON PEOPLE LETS GO SINCE WE ARE ALL GETTING ON THE SAME PAGE
      This goes for United States also.

    3. Agree 100%.Those that lidt their jobs due to no jab need to be compensated. Small businesses deemed non essential need to be compensated. Get masks off our children, undo everything put in place when pandemic declared. Take down the news media and our useless govt officials who went along with the narrative. People need to be held accountable for not speaking up and telling the truth. Do not listen to Theresa Tam. She is evil and also needs to be held accountable for all her lies. Reevaluate she says, scrap everything she has had put in place, wipe the slate clean for the people of the world.

  6. Make sure the qr codes are dropped as well as masks and all mandates on covid. It is a flue. We the tax payers who pay the pm are tired of the chaos he has caused.

    1. Let’s not call this Covid, it is just the seasonal flu rebranded. The intent of this rebranding was to create fear and thus the rush to vaccination and the negative effects of these vaccines.

      1. And let’s please stop calling this a “vaccine”. It is an experimental injection. Words matter, definitions matter. The perpetrators of these crimes have deliberately obfuscated the use and true meaning of many terms!

        1. Agree, by having labelled as a vaccine. people just willingly accepted it without question. The needles have to stop immediately before they start harming our children and grandchildren.

          1. You can expect hospitalizations to rise fairly quickly in the next few years, as the still unknown long-term adverse effects of these non-vaccines begin to kick in.

            Of course, this strategy is being engineered in such a way, that the globalists’ hope no one will connect these illnesses, and sadly, deaths, to the non-vaccines.

            They will either blame it on:
            -a new variant of covid.
            -a new disease altogether
            -climate change.
            …spurring NEW emergency measures, more lockdowns and a further clamping down of our freedoms like never seen before.

            You will see a social-credit-scoring system put in place, compelling you to behave accordingly, or you won’t be able to do anything.

      2. You are so correct. This is nothing more than the seasonal flu and for many people the flu is the tipping point that puts them in the hospital and often ultimately ends their life. Added to this, thanks to the government’s actions, many people lost their jobs and lost the ability to be with family due to unnecessary travel restrictions,which isn’t good for your well being either. Their needs to be a large and detailed inquiry into how all levels of government treated its citizens over the past two years and criminal charges need to be laid.

        1. You are right, this doesnt end because these evil people now start talking out the other side of their mouths. Censorship has done what they wanted it to do.The truth now needs to be told and people held accountable.

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