[MEDIA RELEASE] Top Canadian Experts Invite Dr. Tam to Public Debate Covid Science

OTTAWA – From Dr. Byram Bridle, PhD Vaccinologist:

“I am absolutely thrilled to let you now that a public invitation has been issued to three of the top public health officials that have been driving the COVID-19 narrative in Canada. They are being asked to meet with me and two of my colleagues at Parliament Hill this Friday. We are travelling to our nation’s capital to demonstrate our willingness to engage in a respectful discussion of the science and medicine underpinning COVID-19. This is to be a live-streamed event with an open invitation having been issued to all ‘alternative’ and legacy media sources. You will find below a portion of the media release, plus copies of the invitations that were sent yesterday (Monday February 7th).

Please circulate this far and wide; especially to those who have supported censorship and/or used these individuals’ messaging to validate segregation and discrimination of fellow Canadians. The argument that we are not to be given a platform that may seem to validate our ideas no longer holds water. The world is watching. Many thousands will watch the livestream. Potentially, millions will see the video recording. Canadians are awakening to the obvious reality that something is very wrong in this country and far beyond. Scientists and physicians of integrity can no longer be silenced and limited to tiny audiences.

I don’t care what side of the narrative anyone is on; censorship and discouragement of respectful scientific discussions is wrong. This is a necessary component of the scientific process to facilitate transparent education of the public. Canadians pay their public servants to do this as part of our duties and you deserve to be able to make the most informed decisions possible to safeguard your health. Censorship is one of the key problems that has led to the erosion of freedoms that we now need to take back. Everyone needs to encourage the three invited health officials to perform their duty to the public and participate in this event. If these health officials don’t participate they will be sending a clear message to all Canadians: that they lack the confidence to ‘walk the walk’. If they do not show up, those pushing the narrative will need to ask why their champions are afraid to step into the arena to demonstrate the robustness of their rationale to keep Canadians locked down, segregated and imprisoned within what was once a free democracy.

Media Release:

OTTAWA – Doctors in support of the freedom convoy are inviting senior health officials to participate in a public scientific forum with subject matter experts in COVID-19, medicine, immunology, epidemiology, and virology, including Dr. Byram Bridle, Dr. Paul Alexander, and Dr. Roger Hodkinson to an open and fair discussion, with senior Health Administrative representatives of the Federal Government, Dr. Theresa Tam and Dr. Howard Njoo and the Chair of the National Advisory Committee on Immunization, Dr. Shelley Deeks.

Given that the government claims we are in a state of emergency, we feel this discussion needs to be expedited and brought before the Canadian public.

As you are aware, there is a growing number of Canadians – led and inspired by the Freedom Convoy 2022 – who have traveled from across the nation to peacefully assemble in solidarity with the truckers. This movement is a lawful protest that is making its presence known across the country, and has garnered support not only throughout our nation, but also internationally. We are calling upon all Governments of Canada to publicly declare an end to the health emergency, and an end to all COVID-19 mandates both provincially and federally, as the evidence is clear that there is no health emergency, and the mandates cannot be supported scientifically. Twelve global nations including the UK and the Nordic nations of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden have now either dropped mandates entirely or will in the immediate future.

When: Friday, February 11th, 2022

1 pm to 3 pm eastern time

Where: Marriott Ottawa, York Room

Here are the formal invitations…

Invitation to Dr. Theresa Tam154KB ∙ PDF File Read now

Invitation to Dr. Howard Njoo158KB ∙ PDF FileRead now

Invitation to Dr. Shelley Deeks169KB ∙ PDF FileRead now

29 thoughts on “[MEDIA RELEASE] Top Canadian Experts Invite Dr. Tam to Public Debate Covid Science”

  1. DO A CONFERENCE WITHOUT THEM IF THEY DONT SHOW!!! The entire planet is listening to you right now!
    Say to the people of the world- here’s the ACTUAL data-
    Dispute it if you like!
    But most importantly every innocent person who befouled their body by trusting tyrannical criminals then has a chance to know what is really going on! Set the truth free! For the love of humanity!

  2. The doctors extended the invite for tomorrow, they are getting desperate (the government) just wondering if a raid and arrest of the truckers would possibly be staged before then deliberately to side track the attention away from the truth coming out with the doctors because if they donot show up, it would expose them and if they show up and are questioned, the truth will appear within minutes. The can’t afford this -Turd is desperate to retain power and I would not put the above past him. This would be the news that they had arrested the truckers and not that the worldwide fraud and crimes have been exposed! Just my thoughts

    1. Turdeau was live on CPAC a few minutes ago talking down to us and telling us all to be good little boys and girls and go home. I don’t think so

  3. If those three Govt reps accept this debate the whole lid comes off this scam in 15 minutes.
    WHO /WEF lackey Tam and her colleagues would be eaten alive and our Dear Leader Justine will be seen for the globalist shill traitor he is.
    There is no way this can go down but I will enjoy every second if it does.

    1. I don’t even see them going that far, since they could always hold a zoom session, if that became the case.

      *** But IF this INVITATION could somehow(??) be posted/ & AIRED LIVE somehow, TO MAKE THE MASSES AWARE that ‘we’ KNOW THEY KNOW THE INVITATION has been advanced. ***
      -so that lack of response can carry w/ it ‘STATEMENT of ADMISSION’ of sort.

  4. This is so longer overdue and I am so grateful this is potentially coming forth as an option to discuss what lens are they viewing this science. If she approves…which honestly I’m little sceptic…can we forward some questions to you to potentially ask, if it is not already in your bucket? Just a thought. Is anyone welcomed to join the if live feed?

      1. I’m sure BLN will post a link at the proper time, but my question is will these bureaucrats even bother to show up?

        Somehow, I don’t think so. More than likely, the government will find ways, either to shut it down, or censor it to the point that nobody will hear about it.

        You should know that a lively debate or exchanging ideas is no longer part of a functioning “democracy.” Haven’t you been paying attention to what Dear Leader is saying?

  5. This is certainly long overdue! Thank you for
    taking on such an important endeavour.

    Sue Clinton

  6. They will not accept the invite, and rightfully so. Let me explain, if Zydrunas Savickas asked that I enter a weightlifting competition against him, I would politely decline. The question here is will they decline politely?

    1. True and I like your analogy, but I think the point is to publicly state that there are dissenting scientific viewpoints.

      1. You are so right. My point is that the dependent thinkers that need to be told what to think are no match for the independent thinkers that do their own research and know the truth, as I would be no match in weightlifting. I love the cause as it represents truth and hope. Go Freedom Convoy!

  7. genius idea and well brought forward

    perhaps all these poly-tics(many tics) and all their (h)ex-perts can be personally invited to the heroic trucker event, FREEDOM 2022! for more public, transparent debate/discussion/forum and men and woman can ask their questions and share what is important to them (all and every single question gets answered). Lets watch the ‘safe and effective’ liars squirm while we video everything to be used against them in a common law court with Christopher James leading the way.

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