BREAKING: Sask. To Remove Proof of Vax Monday, Masking by End of Feb.

Sask. Premier Scott Moe will end proof of vaccination Monday and masking by the end of the month, as the refrain being heard around the world continues, “It’s time to learn to live with this virus.” Moe said the toughest challenge going forward will be for family and friends to “heal divisions” of those intolerant of personal choices and risk assessments made by those with opposing views.

11 thoughts on “BREAKING: Sask. To Remove Proof of Vax Monday, Masking by End of Feb.”

  1. The only people that have been deprived of their rights as citizens of this country have been those that understood this was a globalist put up job,the unvaccinnated.
    We have been segregated,jeered, isolated,our rights taken from us and we have been shunned.
    We have been demeaned and threatened by the Prime Minister of Canada.
    This has been a deliberate event based without science and used to further a globalist/Davos/WEF agenda of which the main perpetrators remain in power unchallenged and without charge.
    We came ever so close to being put into camps in this country if the truckers had not stepped in to save this country.
    I see no recognition,apologies or reference to these racist and horrific measures against the unvaccinnated and I see this as a so-called leader attempting to front run to save his own rear end and nothing else.
    Resign you bloody cowards before the charges of treason are laid.

    1. Max you echo my sentiments. Something that made me aware was the fact that from day one when the Turd danced down the steps of his cottage his first comments were “we would have to wait 18 months until a “vaccine” was available. “There was no mention of a treatment,nothing, nada and absolutely no curiosity or questions from anyone – no politician,no media ,nobody asked about treatment. Very early on we knew ivermectin/hydroxycloriquine worked for the few who did become ill, let alone the fact that why would one need a “vaccine “ for a virus with a 99.8 percent recovery rate. We now know they banned the above treatment so they could force people to take their objective – Their vaccine! The other obvious is that huge money is being made with the masks/hand sanitizers. Do you think they want to take away these useless face diapers and the sanitizers with the monies being made for themselves and their cronies at all. I’ll never Forget in August 2020, Doug Ford in his every day 1pm news conference where he would cry with emotion ,made the comment “we will most probably be wearing masks for the next five years!” The media did not question or ask about this announcement at all. Schwab had been boasting about his goal for years and when I spoke about this, I was told to “take off my tin foil hat” and that I was making people feel uncomfortable.Hopfully Dr Reiner Fuellmich will get to the point with the Grand Jury Investigation which began last week where a worldwide trial for crimes against humanity will take place.He is calling over 150 experts consisting of Epidemiologists,scientists,medical doctors and amoungst others Dr Mike Yeadon -ex chief scientist for Pfizer and Dr Robert Malone inventor of the mRNA technology.LIFE WITHOUT FREEDOM IS NOT LIFE.

  2. It must be made very clear that Employers-can not ask for our personal medical info ever again and they must make it clear that that they have to compensate anyone who lost their job with back psy. To nanny loopholes that these liars will get away with.Do not trust the government for one moment.

  3. What about those who have lost their jobs due to mandate of vaccination. It should be made very clear that everyone who lost their job should be reinstated. There needs to be something put in place that employers cannot subject anyone to proof of this jab.

    1. Do as I’m doing, I’m drawing up a bill & sending it to my MLA for $21,000.00
      They caused it all.
      They cannot blame it on covid 19 when they cannot even prove it exists.
      If they refuse to pay, its off to small claims court to collect.

  4. So we need to wear masks now but in 3 more weeks no more masks required. Please tell me
    what is going to happen in 3 weeks to lessen the need for mask. Is it that the virus will then be trained not to attack. It is as if there is a contest among politicians as to who it going to be the most stupid?

  5. Well this is good news, will it apply to travel, vaccine requirements for health care workers, university students and school kids? All vaccines or just the cocid vaccine?

    1. I’m sorry, but not good enough.

      From what I understood of both Moe and Kenney’s respective statements, they are still publicly encouraging vaccinations. I find that distasteful, but I can live with that.

      What bothers me is that both of these provincial leaders will keep the infrastructure (vaxports) in place if ever they feel the need to reactivate these repressive policies in the future.

      In other words, this is a temporary reprieve from the repression, and the only reason we managed to get these concessions from these provinces is because of the political pressure brought on by the truckers’ Freedom Convoys, not only in Ottawa, but all across the country, and yes, AROUND THE WORLD.

      Of course, they will deny this, but that is only a face-saving gesture to make them appear strong, and resistant to the mob in the eyes of the fake medias. I can live with that too, but only as one battle won. We still have much more work to do.

  6. I’m drawing up a bill & sending it to my MLA for $21,000.00
    They caused it all.
    They cannot blame it on covid 19 when they cannot even prove it exists.
    If they refuse to pay, its off to small claims court to collect.

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