10 thoughts on “Trucker Morale High – Freedom Convoy 2022”

  1. when they start talking about the children i.e. police talking to childrens aid society, then you know the military/rcmp are coming. remember janet reno speech just before the assault on ……….back during clinton days.and can you believe that poor 78 year old getting roughed up by police, tell me did it not have semblence of a george floyd situation.deja vu?????REMEMBER PEACEFULL RESISTANCE ALA GAHNDI

  2. Canadians expressing peaceful non-compliance against the globalist shills and traitors of Canada in the dead of a cold winter warming the hearts of the world.
    What a joy to see.

  3. Be brave, fellas. My prayers are with you. I am afraid for your safety though. We have a radical (globalist) mayor, and a rabid city council calling for blood.

    Even our esteemed police chief Sloly has connections to the WEF through Deloitte.

    They tried to bluff you with illegal acts of intimidation by illegally confiscating your fuel, and the only reason you have been stopped is because they know they are operating outside the law, but that won’t stop these radicals from coming up with new strategies to… how should I put this… “discourage” your activities.

    I fear that arrests, even though they would be illegal, are coming soon, and the repercussions to your livelihoods will be long-lasting, if not permanent, so yes, you are taking a big risk, and I do appreciate your efforts. You obviously have more balls than I do.

    Thank you.

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