Freedom Convoy 2022 – Toronto (Feb. 5)

Freedom Convoy 2022 has spread across the world. On Saturday, Feb. 5, 2022, Toronto joined in on the fight to end all mandates and have freedoms restored.

Credits: Quinton’s Kitchen, Christ’s Forgiveness Ministries + Drone footage by Ben Sharp

7 thoughts on “Freedom Convoy 2022 – Toronto (Feb. 5)”

  1. Arrests will be coming very soon in ottawa. This will happen anytime now. tommorrow or thursday.REMEMBER DON’T RESIST. PEACFULL RESISTENCE ALA GAHNDI WILL WIN THE DAY.

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  3. I hope that not one person gets hurt or killed by the police or they will have the millions on their back door, I can feel it and it’s not a good feeling

  4. The fight for a free country versus the globalists capture of our nation.
    The world has figured it out. Now we need to support those that are holding the line.
    Resign,Turdo. You are a globalist pet and have no loyalty to Canada and Canadians.

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