BREAKING: Federal Worker Vaccine Requirements to Drop June 20, Sources Say

[TRANSLATION] “Ottawa to end vaccination requirement for public servants, sources say

Sources confirm that the Canadian government will end the mandatory COVID-19 vaccination for federally regulated workers. This will also be the case for outbound domestic and international travellers.

The government is facing growing pressure from tourism and travel associations to end mandatory vaccinations, to ease pressure at Canada’s airports and align rules with public health measures provincial.

Two government sources with knowledge of the decision, who requested anonymity to speak about topics they were not authorized to discuss publicly, say the rules for foreign nationals coming to Canada will not change.

The change will also affect federal workers who have been placed on unpaid leave due to their vaccination status.

The new rules are set to come into effect on June 20.

An official announcement is expected later Tuesday.”

More details to come…

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2 thoughts on “BREAKING: Federal Worker Vaccine Requirements to Drop June 20, Sources Say”

  1. Federal Workers AND Federally Regulated Workers (private companies under Transport Canada).
    It’s June 20th and haven’t got a call to go back to work….
    This is madness.

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