Triple-Vaxxed & Maskless Trudeau Gets Covid Again

A mere 4 days after meeting President Joe Biden (of course, maskless outside of Canada), PM Justin Trudeau tweeted Monday that he again had Covid-19. (His first positive diagnosis was during the Freedom Convoy late January, where he hid out in his cottage and failed to meet the peaceful protesters).

Rather than admit vaccine failure to stop infection/spread, Trudeau continues to go against even Pfizer’s own 3-month post-authorization data showing a lack of efficacy and even negative efficacy with unprecedented injuries and deaths by promoting the shot in his tweet, “If you haven’t, get vaccinated – and if you can, get boosted.”

8 thoughts on “Triple-Vaxxed & Maskless Trudeau Gets Covid Again”

  1. What a goof. He’s fully jabbed but still gets the covodd (the meaninglessness of the positive PCR aside) and with complete lack of awareness of the ridiculous irony involved promotes the shots that did not protect him from getting it. Oh, but he “feels okay” so that must mean the shots are really working. Guess what Turdo, I feel great and I haven’t had a single clot shot. When I had covodd I felt okay too because my Vitamin D levels were adequate. No medical experiment required. But we all know it’s bs, you’re hiding out to avoid Mr Topp and you never took the jabs anyway because you got the saline like all the NWO cronies. Or was it adrenochrome?

    1. On the same page as you

      I couldnt agree with you more! Just a political ploy to promote the “ineffectivenees” of those clot shots to those who bought the fear program! Listen to Brian Peckford !

  2. Trudeau is notorious for doing his disappearing ACT and playing his COVID card. Does he really think Canadians are that stupid ? I guess so. Guess he wants an excuse to avoid meeting with JAMES TOPP our fearless veteran walking across Canada for freedom. Trudeau is the biggest incompetent conceited flake I have ever seen. I hope he moves to China

  3. Look at Justin following his science.
    I just hope now he really is triple jabbed because the country and world will be better off without him.
    Promoter of genocide and complete WEF traitor.
    Good riddance.

  4. Non narrative buyer

    liar! Just another gimmick to get those jabs that he bought into human guinea pigs

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