Govt Suspends Vax Mandates for Outbound Travel, Federal Workers, Masks Remain

Canada “suspends”–not ends–its unscientific, unconstitutional vaccine mandates June 20, 2022.

16 thoughts on “Govt Suspends Vax Mandates for Outbound Travel, Federal Workers, Masks Remain”

  1. Also note, this affects Federally REGULATED workers too, not just Federal workers. For example private companies at the airport are Federally Regulated.
    Let me know if anyone actually got called back, some of us are still waiting……

  2. What was pre authorized (in the USA) was Comirnaty (check your authorized Covid vaxx) but that is NOT what is being injected into people. It takes 5-10 yrs for a vaccine to be approved after trials. Typically, if 25 people die from an experimental vaccine, it’s pulled from the study. It amazes me that people are willing to be the govt’s Guinea pig!!! Compliance due to ignorance.

  3. You are either a Turdo paid troll or an absolute brainwashed moron. Go get yourself another booster. Your comment about foreign interference in our political system being unacceptable is however, valid. WEF OUT OF CANADA!!!!! (Pretty sure that’s not what you meant though.) LOL. You are a joke.

  4. Once the law suits move forward in the fall – especially of interest – the one with Brian Peckford, we expect that the courts will have no choice but to agree that the mandates have been illegal most of the last 2 plus years (and most likely from day one). That will lend credibility together with and the full weight of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Human Rights Act behind them.

  5. There should be no back patting for getting the jab. It doesn’t work and is dangerous to those who received it. It is nothing but a political power grab by the incompetent PM and cabinet. They say they are following he science but time and time again when asked never show the facts. This country’s jab rat is high strictly because of the government’s coercion. Like to see the TRUE stats on the number of people who got the shot merely for their health. Insect that most got the jab so they could travel or so they or their kids can participate in extra curriculum activities. This of course is not mentioning those who got it to save their livelihood. The comment above is a joke. May God have mercy on the so called covid injected persons now and in the long term because Pfizer and Moderna doesn’t.

  6. There is no win here for travellers. As long as there is the ARRIVECAN APP, aka Tracking app, there is no true freedom of movement and it will lead to digital ID’s, be forewarned.

  7. What a load of triple -jabbed Covid positive tripe.
    The ‘science’ from these WHO/WEF traitors is a complete fraud and they should be charged with genocide and treason.
    Nobody can begin to trust these charlatans.
    Canadians now have an opportunity to actually vote with their feet and I am certain that the exodus will be like none other in history.

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