BREAKING: Ottawa to End Vaccine Mandates for Domestic Travel, Outbound Flights

Ottawa to remove vaccine mandate for domestic and outbound travel but may reinstate requirement with a new variant, say insiders.


7 thoughts on “BREAKING: Ottawa to End Vaccine Mandates for Domestic Travel, Outbound Flights”

  1. More crumbs from Parliament Hill! After 6 days in Ottawa to support the hard working
    Canadian truckers, and research into the 30 year old UN Conference on Environment and Development (1992) I can tell you unequivocally that the 2400 representatives of non-governmental organizations (NGOs); whereby 17,000 people attended will continue rolling out the principles of Agenda 21. The Summit’s message – nothing less than a transformation of our attitudes and behaviour would bring about the necessary changes for generations to come! The two week Earth Summit was the climax of a process, begun in December 1989, of planning, education and negotiations among all Member States of the United Nations, leading to the adoption of Agenda 21.
    The global Chinese Blueprint and lockstep global response and Declaration of a novel Corona virus; despite 160 Canadian F.O.I.s (Freedom of Information) demonstrating that Sars Cov 2 has been isolated and purified has never been brought forth for Canadians. All F.O.I.’s and verification has been implemented by Christopher James of A Warrior Calls.
    Please join the many millions of Canadian citizens that have begun asking questions? Who is profiting from these unprecedented times in our lives? What is the motive behind the ongoing tryanny?
    We are months away from bringing accountability to all levels of the Canadian Government. Again…please join A Warrior Calls with Christopher James.

  2. Margaret Tabak

    When it is reported by CBC, I don’t trust it.
    When it comes from the Liberal Government, I don’t trust it.
    How long does anyone believe Justin and his cohorts will allow the Canadian people any freedom?
    CONTROL is the name of the game. They’re dangling a baited hook, hoping to hook those of us aware enough to question their sincerity.

    1. They’re doing it, but not for any of the right reasons. Not for freedom, or science, or anything like that. This is about Vax-Nazi Trudeau supporters being forced to wait in line for six hours at the airport. This is about Liberals who can see past their hands in front of their faces seeing themselves getting slaughtered at the polls. This is about Trudy looking incredibly bad on the world stage. It’s not for the Vaccine-Free. It’s for them—just like it’s always been.

  3. Big thanks to Gord ,BLN and the other independent media outlets that have served us and fought to protect the rights of all Canadians.
    We owe you a huge debt of gratitude.
    Thank you.

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