BREAKING: Despite Cleared Ottawa Streets, Trudeau Pushes Emergencies Act Ahead of Vote

BREAKING: Trudeau continues to sledgehammer dissent, as @JustinTrudeau says today’s Emergencies Act vote a choice on tearing Canadian values or embodying the best of Canada

…despite the fact that downtown Ottawa has been cleared.

#freedomconvoy #truckersforfreedom

The vote will take place at 8pm ET today.

9 thoughts on “BREAKING: Despite Cleared Ottawa Streets, Trudeau Pushes Emergencies Act Ahead of Vote”

  1. Trudeau: “Make me a Sith Lord, master. I will serve you well.”

    Emperor Palpatine: “Your journey to the dark side is almost complete, but you must prove the depth of your commitment by jumping in that lake over there and swimming to the bottom. If the depth of your commitment matches the depth of the lake, only then can you become a Sith Lord.”

    (Trudeau jumps in and drowns.)

    Emperor Palpatine: “Thank God, and good riddance! I thought I’d never be rid of that F-ing moron! Soros! Schwab! I need you to continue the destruction of Canada!”

  2. It is all about the agenda of getting the digital passport established for CBDC – Central Bank Digital Currency -so that those in power can control your money and determine how you can spend it . It is based on the Chinese social credit system -something Trudeau wants to emulate having been tutored by Klaus Schwab re WEF -along with others in our government. The vaccine stuff is a red herring at this point based on all the data coming out … in my opinion. Listen, if time , to Maajid Nawatz and Joe Rogan on Spotify and for me , it helped connect more dots to what is so chaotic at the moment . This guy gets how regimes work to become totalitarian based on his life experience .

  3. The best vision has nothing to do with Trudeau as the leader of Canada.
    Write to the GG and demand his resignation.
    this is a Non Confidence Vote for Justin Trudeau


  4. What a shame for all the world to see Canada going into a dictatorship. JT has been a lier right from the start.

  5. Trudeau is lying as always. He is saying the Parliamentarians are going to vote on his emergency act tonight. How can they vote on something without debating it first? This lying coward piece of s..t shut the government down on purpose so the parliamentarians can not debate it. The all-world is watching and calling Trudeau a dictator and tyrant and comparing his emergency act to Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China. O Canada…

    1. They have been debating it all weekend, for all the good it will do. With the NDP’s support, the measures will pass.

      Not only that, but Trudeau has now promised to keep the measures in place FOR MONTHS, claiming that the threat still exists. He may NEVER relinquish this new found power. Why would he? The moment he does, he’s gone.

      From the Senate front, all I’m hearing are crickets. They are the wild card.

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