Canada-Wide Walkout Called in Support of Truckers Today

In continued support of Freedom Convoy and against the extreme govt overreach by the Trudeau govt against lawful Canadians, a Canada-wide call to action was put out for today for Canadian and US truckers to “park your rigs” and to all Canadians to stand with the truckers “by refusing to go to work” until “the mandates are lifted, the invocation of the Emergencies Act is revoked, and Justin Trudeau is no longer the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.”

Speaker in video unknown.

14 thoughts on “Canada-Wide Walkout Called in Support of Truckers Today”

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  3. The Whole world is watching Canada !! If the people walk out and JT resigns the entire world will realize the power of free people. If the Canadian people do not succeed the worlds tyrants will recognize the power and control to do whatever they want. Praying for the resolve of all Canadians – United you stand – divided the whole world falls tho the deep state !

  4. I am for the truckers and our Freedoms but it appears the only people that are hurting and are gong to be hurting
    a lot more is the PEOPLE all those in power in their cushy mansions and hideouts they are not hurting WE are the only
    one suffering from this??? So where is the justice? These people keep going on and on like the energizer bunny.
    But I guess this is what has to happen in order for us to fight for something that should be our GOD given Right

    1. We are learning day by day and making connections. They’ve been at this for decades, we’ve only just begun.

  5. The Freedom Convoy had the moral high ground the second they hit the road, and they still have it. The protests were peaceful and festive until Trudeau’s bit bulls showed up. They were never violent, which is why they physically yielded to the heavily-armed police in riot gear with armored vehicles nearby. They did not come for a confrontation. So the only thing Trudeau ‘won’ was a reputation as an abusive, narcissistic tyrant. He has no idea what is about to hit him. The Freedom Convoy triggered a cultural tsunami. The truckers are now legends, folk heroes and cultural icons. Their spirit lives on to inspire freedom loving people around the world. Trudeau is officially on the wrong side of history; his legacy as a hateful, divisive, and bigoted neo-liberal progressive is cemented. We can only pray that one day Trudeau faces justice for crimes against humanity. The smirking, arrogant WEF puppet is pure evil

    1. I couldn’t of said it better, you read my mind and millions of other Canadians as well…I’ve been saying this for a long time, it’s time that these evil people to be accountable for the crimes against humanity that really goes back to when governments were formed..Power, money, and control. When we vote these people into office to serve the greater good of humanity, we trust that they hold integrity high in their lives, to service us as a equal collective. They work for us, not the other way around!! My hat goes off to the Truckers of Canada, for their whole hearts and bravery, they continue to show us as a Country and the people of the world what means to stand your ground in Peace, Respect and Unconditional Love for their fellow man…I was not able to make it to Ottawa, but I’ve ay my small part by sharing petition papers, emailing my local, provincial, and federal government’s. I support the walk out and I stand firm with the Trucker’s at the beginning and remain standing firm, for our fight for our Freedom…With infinite Gratitude I stand for Freedom! πŸ™πŸ’žπŸ™πŸ’žπŸ™πŸ’žπŸ’―

  6. This is not a smart idea, and may only bring more suffering to Canadians. It is sad to see this happening to our country but it’s happening. Govt over reach is now over reaching even more and this strike may just play right into our leader’s hands. Employers will fire those who strike and replace them immediately. We are over a barrel dear Canadians and only God himself can do anything for us. It’s time to understand that in Ghandi’s time, things were much less sophisticated in the ways of technology and I am glad it worked for him but this is 2022 and the technology that we embrace is now working against us…eg: frozen bank accounts etc. We have to face reality now. Please don’t come down on me for my take on this situation. I will not debate nor argue with anyone. God bless Canada and all who love freedom!

    1. Lil, we must stand against tyranny and evil. Our government is not our government anymore. Our PM is not working for us. Canada is under siege by globalists who wish to enslave us.

      1. We can agree to disagree. One could simply max out ones sick days, or simply call in sick. (“Omicron is deadly, don’t ya know? At least, that’s what JT says. And I might have it…although I can’t be entirely sure. Better safe than sorry, right?”) And do you have any idea how much the government leeches would lose if everyone in Canada took a single day off work? That’s real leverage!

    2. I haven’t seen any reaction to this. I have no idea if the truckers are actually parking their vehicles. I do know that under the act, the government has given itself the authority to conscript the truckers, turning them into slaves of the state.
      If they refuse, the government can confiscate their vehicles, and find other people to drive the rigs.

      Since we already had a shortage of truckers, even before the convoy started, that may be a little difficult to do, more so now with so many truckers not only losing thier livelyhoods, and their bank accounts, but also their rigs. The government may be in a little bit of a jam, and if enough truckers park their rigs, I’m not sure what the government can do.

      The risk is huge, and will be detrimental if not enough truckers participate. Those that do will run all the risk. I’m not sure I would do it, and I wouldn’t ask any trucker to do it.

      The same applies for any service worker. Each person must decide if the risk to their own personal security is worth it in what could be a futile attempt to save the country from a tyrannical dictator. Fear is rapidly replacing hope in this country, and I personally fear we have passed the tipping point of no return.

  7. Becoming ungovernable worked for Gandhi. Add stubborn non-compliance to the international condemnation of a certain lovechild of Castro who must not be named, and who knows? You might have something. (Translation: This is brilliant, and straight out of “Atlas Shrugged!”)

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