31 thoughts on “B.C. Govt & Top Doc Being Sued Over Vaccine Mandates & Passports – Rocco Galati”

  1. It’s evident that Roger Whit has been watching way too much MSM…it’s called (TV) programming for a reason which is what they’ve succeeded at with him 100%!!!

    The logical thinking and freedom fighting patriots here have clearly done their research and I stand in solidarity with you, unfortunately, you’re all wasting your time trying to provide Roger with some useful and factual information…he’s severely brainwashed without hope.

    Thanks Careen for (re)posting that Bitchute link above which I’ve previously watched. For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, it’s a worthwhile watch…and hopefully will continue to be reposted for many more individuals to see.

    Stand strong everyone 🇨🇦 …our strength is in numbers! 🇨🇦

  2. You are a child molester and will experience it online because I found your name. Prepared to get cancel cultures you sick fuck@!

    1. Good. Too many selfish people out there not getting the jab. The fear is paranoia like that of a mental patient.

      1. You’re selfish. Do you care about all do the children and folks who have DIED from this injection? You only care about travelling , etc. Stop allowing the billionaires and Trudeau who is a stakeholder in the nanotechnology invention to profit off of everyone by forcing people to take a harmful injection when this virus has a 99.9% recovery rate.

    2. Get the fuck out of Canada. Best thing you can do is commit suicide you useless can’t. After many years of being beaten up by men you crave being on the floor and kicked in the face. I know satin socks that are more useful than you, toxic cunt!

  3. As a 1st responder, if I keep refusing the vax and the tests, does that mean I have to be ok with them taking me off the front lines and giving me a cubicle somewhere away from everyone as compensation for not being fired? I don’t want to lose my job as a firefighter! This is what I love to do!

  4. Help Ontario help kids ….. GTHL and university targeting mandatory resting for only the unvaxxed as discrimination . Why aren’t they resting everyone ? Who are the protecting by only forcing the unvaxxed to get tested before every sanctioned event or class ? It’s not Evan ligical .

      1. What a bunch of Alex Jones type crap in that link. What’s next, the vaccine had alien DNA in it???? Think you all have been watching too much X-Files. News flash, that’s fiction. Think it’s a way for you all have some sort of purpose in life because your so pathetic. Grow up, get the jab so society can start to open up again. It’s people like you that are going to prolong this crisis. SHAME ON YOU! Putting people’s lives in danger. I can’t wait for Trudeau to get his majority so choosing not to get vaccinated is out of the equation. All you children clearly cant decide for yourselves.

    1. No they need to be tightened because of morons like you! Trudeau will win this election and thank God he will. We live in a society of children who need a strong Shepard.

    1. This whole mess has got people going in circles just what the Drs ordered !! Such Control written all over this … New World Order!
      Read and inform yourselves! News tells only lies … exaggerated government spiel… I’ve learnt too much truth behind all this! You should too inform before suggesting Un vaccinated are a problem! How about the vaccinated could be and have a bigger problems! Bigger than unvaccinated
      Think about it before judging!!
      This is about control if you inform yourselves you will see!!!

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