5 thoughts on “Govts Acting Like Tyrants, Breaching Charter Duty to Publicly Consult on Pandemic Measures”

  1. is there a group in Alberta that which I can get involved with to fight back in Edmonton?

    I am not interested in vaccines for myself or my children.

    1. Well they are coming wether you like them or not! Enjoy not being part of society. Nobody wants your selfish family putting others at risk. Trudeau will make it mandatory when he wins the election.

      1. Scumbags like you, Should self isolate and distance yourself into depression. You are a cancer. Loving you would be a chore. You must be a test tube baby. Always commenting when no one is awake. Typical coward. Jumping on the liberal left bandwagon. Another waste of skin. The Justina Dildeau fan club will end soon. But unfortunately people like you will still be breathing. When the 4th and 5th shots come and they will please be 1st line. I want them to liquify that bird brain of yours. Go vax yourself. Douchebag.

      2. Canada needs a godly leader,who look after his people not after the kingdom of the darkness, It is our constitutional rights to refuse the monster Vaccine. By the it’s a spiritual act of the darkness

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