BREAKING: N.B. MLA Says Children Belong to the State

BREAKING: N.B. MLA @DominicCardy tells protester, “[Children] are our province’s” after she asks, “How is it alright to vaccinate OUR children?”

Cardy was confronted by PPC leader @MaximeBernier just prior for his support of civil-liberties-violating Covid-19 & vaccine mandates.

7 thoughts on “BREAKING: N.B. MLA Says Children Belong to the State”

  1. What the Fuck. How is this possible from Canada. Glad he said it though. It shows everyone that this is where it going. This is communism and anti democracy. He should be impeached, removed. He should resign his post immediately. Politician are there to serve us. They are not above the law. Everyone should be demanding his resignation. This is going to far. I am outraged.

  2. Hey people let’s cut to the chase. We can talk about all these things but let us do our jobs as tax payers . . . put the premier on notice. WE WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS BEHAVIOUR FROM ELECTED OFFICIALS. Help get rid of the bad apples (communists) expose them, expose their beliefs, root them out. TAKE ACTION or just keep taking what they throw at us.

    1. Listen to it against past the woman screaming at 1:12 I’m pretty sure he says he can’t wait to see parental rights obliterated


    I read some time ago that when your children are born now they become a corporation. as I am sure many generations of we are also. That was the main purpose of a birth certificate issued by the government when you are born. Capital letters turn you into a corporation. The government makes money from your birth.

    1. And the main purpose of the mRNA vax is to be able to patent your DNA as stated by Supreme Court ruling in 2017….
      Without the mRNA prick you retain your ownership!

  4. Hon Blaine Higgs . . . people need to write him and demand the expulsion and an apology for this MLA . . . root out the cappucino’s . . ./ communists. China believes that children belong to the state. His behaviour was unprofessional and completely like a Cappucino (conservative in name only).

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