Ex-Provincial Police Officer: Covid-19 Police Overreach Leading to Police States?

Around the world, duty police officers are sworn to uphold govt laws through enforcement and withholding of personal opinions. But what happens when orders violate constitutional and human rights as well as police oaths?

Join us for an exclusive interview with Vincent Gircys, a former Ontario Provincial Police Officer, who freely shares his thoughts on Covid-19 emergency measures and the dangerous state of policing around the world.

3 thoughts on “Ex-Provincial Police Officer: Covid-19 Police Overreach Leading to Police States?”

  1. There was a time, when police officers were walking the beat. Greeting people along the way. Expressing their authority without showing or pulling a gun on you. Diplomacy in difficult situations then.
    Now we have Forceful aggressive behavior, no diplomacy gun in face knees on necks. Peace officer then. Military cops now. We need peace officers not mindless brutes who lash out at unarmed civilians.

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