After Denmark Restricts Shot For Under-18s, Doctor Holding 10-Day Awareness Vigil in Toronto

Denmark made global headlines when it severely restricted access to Covid injections for children under 18. Since July 1st, access to the first shot was removed and limited to children assessed to be “high risk.” Those with a medical note can get the second shot after September 1st.

The Danish Health Authority’s fall/winter 2022-2023 vaccination update states, “Children and adolescents only very rarely have a serious course of illness due to covid-19 with the omicron variant, which is why the offer of primary vaccination for children between 5 and 17 years will not be a general offer, but can be given after a specific medical assessment, cf. the Danish Health Authority’s guidelines.”

Dr. Chris Shoemaker, a 45-year emergency medicine physician, will be holding a 10-day vigil starting at 60 Queen St. W. (corner of Bay and Queen by the Court House) from Thursday, Aug. 25 to Monday, Aug. 29, to bring awareness to Denmark’s bold and long-overdue restriction on Covid “vaccination” for children and the unnecessary harms cause by the experimental gene therapy injections. Dr. Shoemaker will then move to another high-visibility, as-yet location for the remaining days.

READ MORE here from the Police On Guard website.

2 thoughts on “After Denmark Restricts Shot For Under-18s, Doctor Holding 10-Day Awareness Vigil in Toronto”

  1. Bravo Dr. Shoemaker for being a REAL doctor, upholding your oath to do no harm and calling out the criminal complicity of those pushing these dangerous, synthetic mRNA biologics — especially on young people. *** While children are already being harmed and killed, the real damage from such folly won’t show for years as LONG-TERM damage via the 1300 “side” effects manifest.

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