[SPEECHES] Protest At Toronto Police HQ Against Vaccine Mandate Compliance

Featured speakers from the protest outside Toronto Police headquarters, August 20:

(00:00-12:00) DR. AKBAR KHAN, MD
-family physician whose license was recently revoked, exposes CPSO corruption and his criminal case against Ontario’s medical regulator. Dr. Khan provides evidence of the CPSO’s “crimes” at cpsocrimes.com, which states “It is time to stop the criminal actions of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. They function above the law and have been unaccountable to the public for far too long. Please join us in demanding the Ontario government immediately suspend their powers and launch a full forensic criminal investigation into their conduct.”

(12:05-22:08) JODY LEDGERWOOD
-co-host of the Fringe Majority discusses international codes and laws broken by vaccine mandates

(22:09-38:30) DR. EMAD GUIRGUIS, MD
-retired surgeon and medical investigator discusses the corruption within medicine that allowed the coercive and unconstitutional Covid “vaccine” mandates to destroy the social contract, lives and livelihoods of untold numbers of Canadians

(38:30-45:10) VINCENT GIRCYS, PoliceForFreedom
-former Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) officer discusses the breakdown of police ethics and the constitutional oath that all officers took and are breaking in enforcing Covid and “vaccine” mandates

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