Western University Faces Backlash Over Mask & Booster Mandates

Since announcing the return of a mask mandate and new booster requirement this fall for both students and staff, Western University (UWO) is now experiencing public outrage for its shockingly unscientific and discriminatory policies.

A group, Students4Agency, started a “Storm the Phone Lines” campaign today at 11 am EST to have those affected contact members of the UWO administration.

“We’re students standing against UWO adding barriers to education and taking away our right to choose. #enoughisenough,” reads their Instagram page.

Students, parents and the public have been openly expressing their outrage, bewilderment and indignation online over the policies that directly contradict the U.S. CDC’s guideline update (see below).

By finally recognizing natural immunity (long known and held to be superior to vaccine immunity before Covid-19 and the propaganda that ensued), the CDC essentially put the unvaccinated and “vaccinated” in the same category. The CDC’s Greta Massetti spoke on population immunity based on having been infected, given a Covid shot or both, “Based on the latest … data, it’s around 95% of the population…and so it really makes the most sense to not differentiate.”

So why is Western University going against the science and implementing its booster mandate, esp. for a known dangerous and experimental gene therapy that’s failing to prevent infection, transmission, hospitalization and deaths?

Masking has yet to be shown in randomized control trials to produce any significant benefit in deterring viral transmission and/or infection.

Parent Victor Gomes told us, “As both a parent and a citizen, I am deeply disappointed that the UWO would choose to implement this mandate at this time.  With the rest of the world easing up on mandates, to have an institution that is supposed to represent higher learning  in this country willfully choose to neglect science and data that clearly illustrates the lack of effectiveness and increasing rates of myocarditis, pericarditis,etc is mindboggling.   This is a decision that does take into consideration the well being of the young students enrolled at Western University.  An explanation should be clearly stated as to why at this time they are trying to enforce this mandate with facts backing up their decision.  Anything less will be met with a class action lawsuit protecting our children’s rights and health.”

Here are some of the comments regarding the UWO’s policy change seen on our platforms.

10 thoughts on “Western University Faces Backlash Over Mask & Booster Mandates”

  1. The covid shot has been designated as a bioweapon by many medical practitioners and medical scientists.
    The purpose of a bioweapon is to kill the recipient using the active agent within the weapon. Anyone, regardless of their authority in society, who advocates the use of a bioweapon to be used on a person to insure the impairment of their life, and/or end their life, is committing a crime. Thus, officials in any institution, whether a university, or other institution, can be sued, as well as criminally charged.

  2. With the thousands of Heart attacks and cause unknown deaths in children and young adults, never seen before in history except with these diabolical shots, it’s deplorable that the university would try to mandate them. They have been proven numerous times over to cause harm, which an institution that promotes education should be aware of. Shot do not stop transmission but they do cause great harm to the immune system.
    Leave the kids alone or kids find another university that’s actually intelligent enough to teach you

  3. Some Messages that turned out to be false.
    1) Two weeks to flatten the curve.
    2)Safe and effective
    3)A vaccine is the only way out of this pandemic.
    4)We follow the science.
    5) Save Grandma. Get vaccinated.
    6)Two Shots and done. Really!!
    7) Social distant works.?
    8) Lockdown works?
    9)Get vaccinated it’s Free,Easy and Safe?

  4. Who ever made the decision at Western should be fired and jailed, it will come, for such a smart University of professors, the management need to get re-educated and go back to a scientific school and not the liberal political school as their incompetent or corrupted to. I will stand on my feet and not on my knees like they did, lining their pockets and not standing up to the globalist and corruption, read the real news not the main stream media as their gagged

  5. From Derbyshire, England – to students at Western University – sending love & support in your fight against tyranny.

  6. Vivienne Bromley

    The more I think of this the angrier I get. This is not about health but it is about control.
    Boycott the heck out of this university and make them under your control. They can’t survive without your tuitions. The power is in your hands… USE IT!

  7. Vivienne Bromley

    Students , please move on. Go to a university which fosters critical thinking and not the teachings for Sheep. The university is a disgrace so please stand up and say no to tyranny.

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