ERRATUM -WHO Drops Dystopian IHR Amendments But Pandemic Treaty Still Lurks -Australian Senator

[UPDATE FEB 11, 10:38 am EST] After speaking with James Roguski, who’s been sounding the alarm on the WHO’s intentions (most recently the International Health Regulations (IHR) amendments and the Pandemic Treaty), we’ve been advised that Senator Malcolm Roberts misread and miscommunicated the information.

The IHR is still alive and remains a threat to global and personal sovereignty.

WATCH STOP THE WHO by James Roguski.


[ORIGINAL ARTICLE] The WHO has dropped its proposed International Health Regulations amendments that would have given the unelected body global authoritarian power. , . Gone: vaccine passports, mandatory vaccination and detention, lockdowns, quarantine procedures + other human rights infringements.

The WHO remains remains advisory body, but the Pandemic Treaty remains a threat to the rights and freedoms of its 194 member states.

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