29 thoughts on “While Canadians Still Mask & Distance, Trudeau Parties Carefree in the Hague, Netherlands”

  1. You all are a bunch of brain dead morons that beLIEve EVERYTHING on the internet.
    WTF is “brightlightnews”?????
    If I made a fake website with content you imbeciles would believe my false info as well.
    Too bad covid didn’t take out the covidiots.
    The world needs FAAAAR less stupid people

    1. So this little cowboy has been unable to find the ingredients list for the experimental mRNA shot and continues to live in his fantasy world. A million healthcare professionals have left Canadian healthcare system but this commenter thinks he’s smarter. First side effect of bio-weapon is shutting down the brain we’re people do critical thinking and here is the proof.

  2. To the un-informed K.Tanya–part of the Aids virus has been inserted in the j@@b, of course this info has been deleted from the medical folder that should contain ingredients of the experimental j@@b . Never mind the graphine, and cancer cells. This is why the j@@b was created–to go along with the agenda of mass de-population that elites (1%) planned.


      Lillian, you’re another MORON.
      There is no AIDS virus.
      Are you this stupid????
      There’s H.I.V which brings on a SYNDROME called AIDS.
      God, you should be embarrassed by how stupid you are.
      I hope you don’t have kids.
      Stupid people tend to breed stupid children
      This is why there are so many morons like you on this planet!

  3. As long as the other liebral leader, Jughead Singh, is in play, we can forget taking Canada back. We need to make him and his party as unwelcome and depised as turdeau and his liebrals. NDP = liebral and all liebrals are liars.

    1. Do you honestly think that by spelling their names wrong and generalizing an entire group of people gives you any credibility?

      1. Trudeau, Singh, O’Toole alliance – watch out folks. Legislation coming soon on QR code and more mandates. All vaccinated will be forced to get booster to renew QR code.
        Amazing video of Kiwis fighting for their freedom. – massive protests. Could be happening in Canada too but media is corrupt.

  4. Time to say enough. Clearly there needs to be an investigation of the massive shift of wealth to the very powers that sit on these global platforms that rolled this out across the country. We want a complete accounting of all they stole while people were in a pandemic situation they used to create chaos and loot again and again and again. Clearly the evidence shows our health was the last thing on their mind.

  5. Just a reminder, JT’s wife was one of the first confirmed cases of that … She brought it from the trip overseas. And on the other note, this time around i want to see him being guaranteed for 3 days upon return from abroad. Definitely rules for everyone but ME.

  6. Well start by not wearing those stupid facial diapers to let them know how many are still supporting the lie. As long as they see so many masks they know from 5 miles away the people aren’t ready. Stop wearing masks and see how fast things change.

    1. Canadians are the weakest form of people on earth… Sorry to say this isn’t the country I grew up in. Everyone of you diaper wearing idiots who have taken the jab will soon be dead from AIDS….. Yup one of the main ingredients in the “WAXXXCINE” you chumps rolled your sleeves up for was designed to be a biological weapon.

      1. OMG. Where do you wackos get your information? I’ve heard the vaccines contain microchips, the vaccine makes you magnetic, the vaccine is actually the delta variant. AIDS is a new one. Very creative. Thanks for that laugh tonight. I really needed it.

      2. Yes he should come back to absolutely no one in Canada wearing a mask. He proved it’s all a scam. Wake up people and grow a pair!!!

      3. Ppl are so dumb.

        Mike, you are an absolute moron.
        You mother & father must be brother & sister.
        AIDS is an ingredient in the vaccine???
        How stupid can one human being be?
        AIDS isn’t even a substance you imbecile
        Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.
        Just like Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.
        Neither of them are substances, they are the SYMPTOM, not what caused it.
        Have you ever attended even just ONE DAY of school?
        You are one of the dumbest people I have come across.
        It’s idiots like you that have all these conspiracy theories going.

        1. It must suck to have a small penis. Thats usually where insecurity and anger come from.
          Thats why I am so happy. Even your poison ranting and darkness cannot turn out my light.
          Peace to you brother

  7. All I can say is wake up Canadians ! We all need to band together Vaccinated or Unvaccinated either way we are losing our freedoms and jobs to Tyrannical Trudeau Liberal government. Soon they will be going after your Healthy Children and forcing the JAB on them without your consent !!! Are you all ok with that ??? If you aren’t you better start going to these Rallies and speak up or we will lose all our Freedoms. My body my say what goes into it !!! Meanwhile Trudeau is exempt from following the rules he is making us follow. Wake Up Canada !!!

    1. I totally agree THO, it’s not just TRUDEAU, it’s everyone in the gov, a good example here in Quebec with Legault!!! He’s my fav asshole!!! Sad when this all started they all seemed like heros and now… well…

    1. The WW II vets i grew up knowing would agree wholeheartedly. That weasel doesn’t have the courage that it took and he is accepting privileges from the Dutch based on their heroism. What a disgusting piece of slime.

  8. This isn’t a good look, his elitism is showing..rules for thee but not for me. Come on Canadians wake up! We don’t need to be slaves to elitists dictates and mandates especially since they don’t believe in any of them themselves!

  9. Vadja (Vladeta) Jericevic

    Little tyrant! When are the people going to realize that he should be sued and convicted for crimes against humanity! Nuremberg or Hague I do not care! He wants to vaccinate the kids now, despite the fact that there are so many cases with adverse reactions. He is a criminal puppet of the “build back better” clan!

    1. Totally understand and that’s how they verify that it is safe out there yet they cannot do the same thing in their own country Justin Trudeau is a person with lack of character and yet he does not know have or strength and character of leader ship for a country. Which he believes in the constitution and their free will and choice he is totally denying that except for the judges and other special individuals. ???

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