COMING SOON: Interview With Ezra Wellness Kamloops Founder, Glenn Aalderink

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On the same day nearly 6,000 unvaxxed healthcare workers in B.C. were fired or suspended, Glenn Aalderink opened Ezra Wellness in Kamloops where vaxxed & unvaxxed clients are treated alike.

Join us as Aalderink discusses Ezra Wellness and the emerging new world of people who believe in freedom of medical choice.

3 thoughts on “COMING SOON: Interview With Ezra Wellness Kamloops Founder, Glenn Aalderink”

  1. I thought there was a clinic in Grand Forks B.C.? When I contacted them they say only located in the USA?

  2. 6000 healthcare workers should all join this or start their own healthcare centres. What’s the gov going to do, arrest them all.
    And as clients, we should be able to choose where we get our treatment. Our bodies, our choice. Fuck the corrupt government and the other corrupt organizations. Sure, they can still create certifications for things like this, which these people can choose to get or not, and which we can choose to recognize or not. But the final choice for who we decide to get our goods or services from should be ours, not the government.

    Ideally, I’d like to stop paying taxes to the criminals and start giving my money directly to health, police, fire, school, etc organizations….which I choose.

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