Interview With Ezra Wellness Kamloops Founder, Glenn Aalderink

Glenn Aalderink, founder of Ezra Wellness Kamloops, discusses his new paradigm-shifting health clinic, where both vaccinated and unvaccinated are welcome.

Patients are treated by the 90+ member healthcare team that is accessible day and night and for home visits. Ezra Wellness offers a range of treatments, including western medicine, naturopathy, chiropractic and other complementary modalities.

With demand growing already, clinics across Canada are ready to open.

Contact Ezra Wellness – Kamloops at (250) 214-3972 (EZRA) or They can also be reached through their Facebook page EZRA-WELLNESS KAMLOOPS.

18 thoughts on “Interview With Ezra Wellness Kamloops Founder, Glenn Aalderink”

  1. BZ, your information sounds like a clip from CBC. There are many more than a few quacks-to date over a hundred thousand that disagree. You might want to take another look at the efficacy of said jab. Yes the news reported 94%, but that is the relative risk reduction. The absolute risk reduction is .84%. How many people do you think would get the jab if they new that. Variants are coming from the jabbed. Media is propaganda and the sooner you realize this, the more informed you will be. Only then can you give consent. Look up ‘Trusted News Initative” It is an alliance of major media outlets and big tech monopolies that were paid to not say any thing negative about pandemic.Follow the money.

  2. Who tf would PAY for the services of fired, anti-science idiots who would just have to refer you on to specialists, instead of just heading to the doc or valid health clinic?

    Oh, and I would LOVE to know how they’re gonna manage insurance.

    Ah well. They all needed another reason for a new GoFundMe, right?

    1. Anti science? So you know what’s in your body when you got jucked, correct? You also know you took all, liabilities when they shoved this in you, correct? Next juck will be bend over and take it or no traveling for you, bet you would gladly accept, correct?

      1. Lol. Stay mad. I can travel, go to restaurants, shows. What can you do? Get crystal readings from fired healthcare workers. Whoo hoo. Enjoy!

        1. Boostmeharderdaddy

          Woohoo, restaurants and shows! Wow, so worth being part of a giant, no-liability medical experiment! Guinea pigs get rewards, I’m so jealous.

          Enjoy ‘fighting COVID’ with your unproven vaccines, that increasingly seem to lead to immune disorders, heart disease, and blood clots as you mow down on your overpriced fettuccine Alfredo and watch your mind-numbing Hollywood rehashed rubbish.

  3. “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” – R. Buckminster Fuller

  4. Wake up! These are people who did not buy into FEAR and Medical Big Pharma Tyranny!

    Sounds like this is a NEW Wave of people helping !

    Yeah ❤️💜❤️

    1. Remember to refuse to go to the hospital next time you’re ill, no matter what it is, because the docs there are part of “Big Pharma Tyranny.” Let’s see if essential oils will help that appendicitis.

  5. I seriously doubt this clinic will ever get off the ground. No one who is vaccinated to protect themselves, and their friends and families will step foot in the place. Come on in and expose yourself to cov-id guaranteed, is not a selling feature. I hope you all loose your licenses until you can prove you’ve retaken, the basic sciences you obviously didn’t understand the first time through nursing school.

    1. LOL. We don’t need licenses issued by the same corrupt government that clearly brainwashed you into fearing a cold 🙂

      1. A COLD! No wonder you do not fear Covid, you think it’s just a cold. It’s clear that you know nothing about this dangerous and life threatening virus. And you don’t treat it with aspirin and bed rest. You are a big part of the problem.

        1. I am truly saddened by the rhetoric and divisivness that Covid has created upon my Country people, and its not even Covid that is doing it, it is our Government that is endorsing the two tiered society agenda and promoting discrimination. In any other media this discriminatory narrative would be considered hate speech. If our Government would allow even a one time National debate on the pros and cons on the short and long term effects of the Vaccine, that would resolve a lot if questions around its use and efficacy, but by refusing to allow any open debate, or discrediting any profession that questions the ongoing narrative, implies that there is something to hide.
          Just remember this, it is the Government of Canada that also told us Residential Schools were a good idea too. Look at what that did to our beautiful people and Great Country. We should always question. Once that right is taken away, we will ALL be truly lost.
          Together we stand my Country people, regardless of our personel choices.

          1. Literally almost every single Canadian doc encourages people to get vaccinated, except a few quacks.

            We don’t need a national debate about it.

            Try reading something other than Rebel News. All the actual info about the efficacy is publicly available.

        2. It is dangerous and life threatening to less than 1% of the population. That is what the data shows. Majority of deaths are in over 70 with co- morbidities. That is the ACTUAL data. 99.9 % of people who contracted cv recovered. Should the young and healthy be traumatized,coerced and forced into believing every one is a potential threat and they are responsible for killing gramma? People like you are the problem, believing every thing you hear on tv. Believe me when it is your time to go,you will go,vaxxed or not. I am a senior and choose to trust my immune system over a corrupt govt and pharmaceutical industry. I would rather die of cv, than subject my grand children to this tyranny. So really who is selfish then? Anyone who thinks health comes in a needle is seriously misinformed.

          1. One thing I find funny is. The docs in the hospitals are paid to narrate the shot. If you are that clueless in the truth of facts, vs your fiction. These dshots are causing a very wide range of complications, ones that can not be reversed, ie ADE (Aids). The turn out of this spring will tell the tail of deaths. Have fun with your every 3-5 month injections for the rest of your life. Sorry but it wont stop at 1,2,3,4, it will continue to take people out. Use your critical thinking, and stay off main stream liars that lead you to fear. Science is backed by peer reviewed studies, (Why are the death counts(21k U.S.) and adverse reactions hitting 1 Ml plus. tell me why?) not EUA, EUA trials, Sure be a part of the 3rd phase trial. once you receive this 3rd to 4th dshot, youll need wellness outside your beloved hospital to detox the shit you just put in your body thats takes over your immune system(s) to anew. Good luck, and god bless.

    2. except if vaccines work, how are you exposing yourself to covid? If u r vaxxed,u r protected. Hundreds of thousands of medical professionals worldwide have actual data showing the vaxxed still get and transmit cv, so actually the vaxxed are a danger to the unvaxxed. After 2 yrs, there are many studies showing you have been lied to. You might want to have a look for yourself and stop listening to the news. I believe the experts who have everything to lose over those who are being complicit with these lies. Narrow mindedness is not a virtue.

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