Pro-Medical Choice Nurses Open Wellness Centre in Kamloops, B.C.

Interview with founder, Glenn Aalderink

Ezra Wellness in Kamloops, B.C., opened its doors to great ovation this week, as the province closed its on nearly 6,000 unvaccinated healthcare workers, fired or suspended on Tuesday, October 26.

Founder Glen Aalderink is one of those nurses taking a stand for freedom of medical choice, sacrificing his livelihood based on the simple legal and human right that no person or entity can tell another to inject something into their body. Joined by 69 other like-minded nurses, Aalderink’s 91-member care team is unified by its commitment to honouring freedom of medical choice and medical privacy.

At Ezra Wellness, vaccine statuses are nobody’s business.

“We don’t discriminate anyone,” says Aalderink, as both unvaccinated and vaccinated are treated equally under B.C. nursing guidelines.

Walking into Ezra Wellness, that philosophy is clear, as the Florence Nightingale Pledge—the nurse’s Hippocratic Oath—welcomes all clients. In today’s era of govt vaccine coercion, one line stands out: “I will abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous and will not take or knowingly administer any harmful drug.”

Despite B.C.’s health minister stating the new clinic’s nurses are at risk of losing their licenses, the Ezra Wellness team remain undaunted in their professional task. Staff at the clinic are known as “helpers,” taken from the Hebrew meaning of Ezra.

Aalderink says that though they won’t be able to give meds, “nursing is not just about giving meds.” Clients will be assessed, given healthcare advice and educated on treatment plans through in-clinic and house visits, including for the vaccine-injured.

Since opening Ezra Wellness, Aalderink has seen a significant outpouring of support and demand his model of healthcare among the growing number of Canadians fighting medical freedom of choice and civil liberties. There is another location in Grand Fork, B.C., with others soon opening across B.C. and in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario (London, specifically) and the Maritimes.

As governments across Canada continue to ignore and violate constitutional, human and medical rights, a parallel world, free of authoritarian and unscientific rule, is now gaining traction. Restriction-free homeschool learning pods by certified teachers are sprouting across Canada as well as talk of an alternative post-secondary system starting in the new year.

“I’ve got so much support from the whole community,” says an optimistic and excited Aalderink. Like-minded Canadians have much to be hopeful about.

You can contact Ezra Wellness at or 250-214-3972. They can also be found on Facebook, Ezra Wellness-Kamloops.

*Stay tuned for an upcoming interview with Glen Aalderink

16 thoughts on “Pro-Medical Choice Nurses Open Wellness Centre in Kamloops, B.C.”

  1. Laughing at anti-vaxxers paying money to go to “Ezra Wellness” for foot rubs and essential oils, as I receive real healthcare for free, from employed and licensed doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers.

  2. Thank you for your wonderful work to help people like me who are loosing their rights because of governments that will not allow freedom. Such a unique and brave way to be a blessing.

  3. This model has potential for great success. Our current system of minimal health is failing. We want support to attain optimal health. This could be it!!

  4. Our over reaching government has created this situation. These skilled people could just sit at home but they are standing firm and providing a much needed and ethical service. So many surgeries cancelled needlessly and the government think firing health care workers is a wise thing to do? Really? What did they think was going to happen? I fully support these people and if they can provide a method of donation, I will gladly contribute!

  5. So glad to see this happen in Kamloops! God Bless these Wonderful, Brave, Cognizant Human Beings for their determination to uphold FREEDOM in all its forms!
    Best wishes and you are all in my prayers!


  7. Two questions that need to be asked, over and over again.

    1). How can we get to herd IMMUNITY by taking an injection that the manufacturer’s clearly state does not confer IMMUNITY or prevent transmission?

    2). Why are vaccinated people considered to be any safer for the public than unvaccinated people when they can both be infected and both transmit the virus to others?

  8. This is just so wonderful. Even though it should be taken for granted and the normal situation we all are used to.
    Thanks to these corageous people!

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