Lancet Study Confirms Covid-19 Vaccine Failure + Overwhelming Evidence of Natural Immunity

A new Lancet study shows that the Delta variant is being spread in similar rates in both vaccinated and unvaccinated households. The study confirms vaccine failure in even the fully vaccinated, “these findings indicate continued risk of infection in household contacts despite vaccination.”

Israel, leading the world in Covid-19 vaccination, confirms this vaccine failure, as their 3rd shot rollout on August 1, 2021, did not stop Israel’s largest wave in cases and a concurrent spike in deaths. A 4th shot is now being considered. Considering that traditional vaccines rarely require 3rd shots and never a fourth, questions about Covid-19 vaccine continuation should be raised.



Long-term safety and efficacy data for Covid-19 vaccines are still non-existent and will not be available until earliest October 27, 2022 (Moderna) and then February 14, 2023 (Astrazeneca) and May 2, 2023 (Pfizer). It must also be noted that these vaccines were based on variants previous to the Delta variant.

The study’s conclusion that booster shots are necessary to combat the very survivable Covid-19 calls into question the authors’ objectivity. Stanford University epidemiologist John Ioannidis calculated Covid-19 infection survival rates to be very high, even among the most vulnerable population, the elderly with comorbidities in nursing home settings.


With clear evidence of vaccine failure and high Covid-19 survival rates, why are governments pushing a coercive vaccine agenda with overwhelming evidence of natural immunity proving superior robust and durable protection?

3 thoughts on “Lancet Study Confirms Covid-19 Vaccine Failure + Overwhelming Evidence of Natural Immunity”

  1. “Look, there is less deaths on the second wave than in the first so that means that the vaccine failed, clearly!
    Look at how the first death spike when people weren’t vaccinated is higher that the second death spike when people were, despite more people being contaminated on the second one, clearly that vaccine did nothing!”

    Even if the infection survival rates of the base Covid are really high, what about the higher chance for a variant to mutate from infecting people?
    Wasn’t the second wave in Israel a covid delta wave, aka, a most infectious form than first wave too? And yet, less deaths, but yeah, vaccine did nothing even if you don’t compare to the numbers without the vaccine.

    That natural immunity only played on the second wave?

    Like please listen to yourselves.

    1. Your explanation shows your bias. The booster clearly shows that it makes little impact on transmission of the virus or on getting infected.
      The number of deaths reduced may very well be attributed to better treatment protocols (viral effects more understood now than in 2020) or to the ages of the people infected (well established that older people have higher death rates) Neither of these are discussed in the second graph and your conclusion doesn’t even consider this.
      You miss the point -that the “booster” showed very little efficacy in stopping viral transmission or infection.

  2. So
    1 what are the true ‘effectivnesses’ of the various vaccines?

    2 will this ever be made public

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