“We Will Not Let Them Lock You Down…Take Your Jobs,” Says Florida Gov. Desantis

On the heels of the latest variant fearmongering by govts and the mainstream media, Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis said yesterday, “And speaking of narratives, we are not in Florida going to allow any media driven hysteria to do anything to infringe people’s individual freedoms when it comes to any type of COVID variants.”

“And when I saw Fauci on TV yesterday saying that he couldn’t rule out lock downs. And then even today, President Biden didn’t rule it out. He said, ‘no, not now. For now.’ And let me just say in Florida, we will not let them lock you down. We will not let them take your jobs. We will not let them harm your businesses. We will not let them close your schools.”

DeSantis’ state is currently enjoying the lowest cases per capita in the U.S. and on Nov. 18 signed sweeping legislation restricting vaccine mandates, school mask rules and more to protect Floridians’ freedoms and jobs.

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