New Brunswick’s Unvaccinated Doctors to Be Suspended at Midnight

As of midnight tonight, New Brunswick medical doctors who chose to exercise their constitutional and human right to remain unvaccinated will have their medical licences suspended by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of New Brunswick (CPSNB) due to its coercive vaccine mandate.

Glaringly, the CPSNB’s vaccine mandate violates its own policy of informed consent, whereby a patient, “in most instances, must give permission to proceed with treatment” and “has the right to refuse treatment and withdraw consent.”

The tone of the email by CPSNB registrar, Dr. Ed Schollenberg, to the unvaccinated doctors is scolding and dismissive of their professional ability to assess the experimental Covid-19 jabs, as to “practise without protection from this virus…is unprofessional and cannot be tolerated.” And despite overwhelming evidence of vaccine failure from around the world, including the latest example, the Omicron variant, entering countries through the fully vaccinated, the CPSNB continues to unscientifically say, “physicians have a responsibility to society as a whole to advance measures which can contribute to the resolution of this scourge.”
In his email to unvaccinated doctors, Dr. Schollenberg, wrote, “Physicians are also expected to set examples for their patients.”

Incredibly, the coercion continues with the threat that the unvaccinated doctor’s private medical information will be shared with medical personnel, the public (“if there is an inquiry”) and other provinces should they seek to practice elsewhere.

Why are unvaccinated doctors who have hitherto been safely treating patients now a public risk because they have not been inoculated with an experimental jab?

And why are medical regulators around the world violating informed consent and jeopardizing healthcare systems during an alleged pandemic where all hands are needed on deck?

15 thoughts on “New Brunswick’s Unvaccinated Doctors to Be Suspended at Midnight”

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  3. Hopefully this will give them motivation to get the jab. Unreal doctors can bet that stupid. Glad these idiots are out there, I sure as hell would not want them giving me any medical advise.

    Its time we build back better and move on. You idiots can fight it all you want, but in time you will get the vax! No stop being a pussy and get it over with.

    Sheesh. It surprises me how many adults act as children. Now thats another issue.

    1. …. I trust that you get many nasty messages back. People are so comfortable these days, that will follow up anything, which will provide for them current illusion of being ok, and they do not see the threat which is coming . We are living in duality – everything has two sites – why are you afraid to look at the other site of informations – why are you scared from getting actual problem, and build your own immunity, rather than to attack people, who knows, what they are doing ? Did you ever lived under totally ? Probably not, because you would get a red signal ….

    2. Rog Whit. You obviously have been PSYOP’d by mainstream media and our criminal govt beyond return. But I have some questions for you: Why do you feel people should inject an untested drug into their bodies to give you a false sense of security? Why do you think they are pushing so hard for a so-called ‘vax passport’ or to keep you “safe” when they have admitted that the vaccine is essentially useless? Why do you think informed people should risk harming their short term and long-term health? Your mindset IS the pandemic and the very reason this SNAFU continues. If you don’t know what really lies behind the “build back better” agenda you have A LOT of catching up to do. BTW you might want to look up blockchain prison.

    3. Rog, you’re either a troll…being paid by Soros’ Open Society Foundation or similar globalist organisation or…you are totally uninformed about this “plandemic” and the World Economic Forum’s 2030 agenda to implement the communistic New World Order which will make slaves of all of us, you included.

    4. Roger,

      I would take their advice over your unscientific opinion every time.
      Your refusal to acknowledge the facts around this false pandemic excludes your opinion from the table of any critical thinker.

      Stop parroting the nonsense of politicians and fear mongers and start thinking for yourself.

  4. NB is already short of doctors. and no doctors from the rest of Canada want go there. My jabbed brother in Canada collapsed on the floor and was rushed to the hospital. The neurologist said he had bleeding on the brain and he had never seen this before. A few days later, my wife’s sister in-law in Turkey collapsed on the floor and was rushed to the hospital. The neurologist said she had bleeding on the brain and he had never seen this before.
    I just came across this video by a scientist in Germany, Dr. Andreas Noack, who is a world expert in graphene, which is a component in the so called vaccines. This explains exactly why some people have bleeding on the brain and elsewhere. Dr. Andreas Noack was murdered shortly after posting this video.
    Why would any doctor want to take an experimental drug. They should know better than anyone.

  5. Time for Ezra Wellness in New Brunswick. I can’t wait to give them a call and change my practitioner.

    1. Hi Greg, we are new to NB and are looking for chiro and massage therapist, Preferably unjabbed. Any references

      1. I am also new to New Brunswick, since September last. We were fortunate to find A doctor when we moved here near Rogersville. I suggest contacting Dr. Samuels from a previous post here on Bright Light News.

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