Ontario Top Doc Uses False Data to Promote Vaccines for Kids 5-11

Why is Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health using false data to promote Covid-19 vaccines for children aged 5-11?

On November 25, Moore stated, “We’ve seen…hospitalizations increase in this age group,” but Public Health Ontario data from Nov. 29 shows that there were zero hospitalizations for the 2 weeks previous.

4 thoughts on “Ontario Top Doc Uses False Data to Promote Vaccines for Kids 5-11”

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  3. This is what the FDA wanted kept hidden for something like 55 years and the Judge said no. This is just one file. This covers the first three months that the Pfizer so called vaccines was used.

    Of Special interest is the list.

    APPENDIX 1 LIST OF ADVERSE EVENTS OF SPECIAL INTEREST . Starts on page 30 goes to page 38
    This file is at the bottom of the page. I advise everyone reads it all the way through. No way they can say this is safe for anyone.

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