WATCH NOW: Unacceptable Views -Full Documentary Now Online

The reviews are raving…the documentary…healing:

“Amazing Documentary! Well done!”

“Thank you!!! FREEDOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!!!!!!” -JElement

“I was already happy crying by minute 5. Thank you so much for doing this and thank you truckers for standing up to keep Canadians together ❤️” -AWoytenko

From the brilliant mind of Mitch Fillion, aka Citizen Camera, comes “Unacceptable Views,” a documentary that helps you relive the “greatest thee weeks in Canada’s recent history,” according to reviewer Noww. Fillion is a master of bringing visuals and the story behind the Freedom Convoy together in a way that makes you feel as if you were at the Convoy again or can feel what it was like for the first time.

Enjoy this masterpiece now cemented in Canadian lore and history. And, if you can, please, support Fillion with a e-transfer donation at Like many, there was much heartache and sacrifice in bringing this project to reality.

Thank you to, Mitch Fillion, for including me in the latest piece of Canadiana. It’s an absolute honour to have been interviewed and call you my friend. -Glen Jung, Bright Light News

5 thoughts on “WATCH NOW: Unacceptable Views -Full Documentary Now Online”

  1. ‘”Canada will always stand up for the right of peaceful protest anywhere around the world. And we’re pleased to see moves toward de-escalation and dialogue” said Justin Trudeau in late 2020 while speaking about farmer protests in India.’

  2. We the older folks would have not been as peaceful as the trucker/freedom rally, you showed us how to do it, they still didn’t respect that, now it’s time to remove these demons and liars from politics and make the military and police make their own decisions on what is right and what is wrong going forward

  3. Turd's lips are moving

    This event marks the end of WEF Trudeau and WEF Freeland.
    Canadians stood up for truth and received lies ,threats and violence.

  4. What a spectacular video! Despite all that is going on in this upside-down world right now, I feel proud to be Canadian again!! Kudos to you all that participated in the making & sharing all your experiences. Seeing all those Canucks waving our flag as you all crossed our country made me tearful AGAIN!! THANK YOU ALL!!

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