LIVE NOW UNTIL DEC 4 @4PM EST: Baby Will Told No Vaccinated Blood Transfusion, No Heart Surgery

New Zealand’s medical authorities are denying Baby Will life-saving open heart surgery if he does not take a vaccinated blood transfusion. Another baby, Alexander, was in the same position and, after the vaxxed blood transfusion was agreed to, Alexander died shortly after the surgery due to a blood clot.

Before-and-after vaccinated blood transfusion pictures of Baby Alexander.

Join this 12-hour “truth-a-thon” to “support Will and his family, as they exercise their parental rights and fight for the right to choose non-vaccinated blood.”

Bright Light News has reached out to several doctors to join the truth-a-thon. Drs. Ryan Cole and Richard Urso have agreed to speak. Drs. Pierre Kory and Robert Malone are unable to attend with Dr. Malone saying that New Zealand, along with Canada and Australia, have become WEF puppet states.

The state should have no business in dictating what medical choices parents want for their children. #StoptheShots.

Livestream LINK

1 thought on “LIVE NOW UNTIL DEC 4 @4PM EST: Baby Will Told No Vaccinated Blood Transfusion, No Heart Surgery”

  1. All the best little Will, love and prayers from Canada.

    Watching some of the live stream, one man (a doctor?) was saying that the Doctors make accommodations for Jehovah Witnesses, who don’t want Blood Transfusions, so he questions do we even need Blood Transfusions. He points out that Blood Transfusions are a business. So of course THEY will convince people that it is necessary.

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